Staff Senate
May 15, 1997

Absent: Kenneth Clark, Ronnie Logan, Mike Rhodes, Vernon Spence

Excused: Charlie Black, John Farrell, Verlinda Franklin, Lannelle Gay, Linda Hall, Russell Hunt, Kathy Kolby, David Medlock, Pat Melton, Janice Morganfield, Tommie Polk, Cornelius Stump, Patricia Taylor, Marty White, Gloria Wyatt

  1. The meeting was called to order.
  2. Dr. Jim Penrod, V. P. of Information Systems (IS) and Chief Information Officer, presented an Information Technology (IT) update. He spoke about the expectations for IS and the changes in the organization needed to meet them.
  3. Dr. Penrod showed a comparison graph of IT infrastructure and employee full-time equivalents (FTE) from 1995 projected through 2000. The graph showed a fairly steady decrease in employees, while increasing all the infrastructure categories through 1998, and most of them continuing to increase through the year 2000. The future FTE decreases will be in the administrative services area.

    He also spoke of vendor partnering, as was done with Systems & Computer Technology Corporation (SCT) for administrative services. He's hoping to partner with another company for telecommunications services.

  4. Roll was called.
  5. The minutes for the April meeting were approved as amended.
  6. Committee reports:
  7. Finance Committee:
    Our budget has been charged for the nominations.
    Election Committee:
    We're still contacting nominees about their willingness to be placed on the ballot and serve as senators if elected. We hope to have the ballots out by the end of next week. We still hope to install new senators at the next meeting, but it will be close.

    Human Resources has been investigating problems with the information we were given. It appears that some people above E08 were erroneously included. However, the job classifications appear to be correct. The classifications are just Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) reporting categories, and do not imply anything about exempt (salaried), non- exempt (hourly), or employee benefits. Using them was merely a convenient way of attempting to obtain a good and fair representation of employees within a division.

    Issues/Review Committee:
    The issue of one employee wishing to transfer sick leave to another without going through the sick leave bank was mentioned. It will be referred to the HR Sub-committee for further investigation.
    Ad-Hoc Bylaws Committee:
    The committee will get going again after the current elections.
    HR Sub-committee:
    The sub-committee is working with Human Resources on the upper-level administrative vs. other staff employee questions mentioned in the April minutes.
    Standing Committee Reports:
    Public Records and Forms Committee

    Operation Roundfile for 1997 will be held in June. Everyone should be receiving more information about it soon.

    The contract with Dixie Recycling is being canceled. The University will be taking over the service at its present level with hopes of expanding the program. More information will be forthcoming as it progresses.

  8. Old Business: The letter addressing the disparity of annual leave between staff exempt and non-exempt employees was discussed. It was decided to amend the letter to remove the recommendation for the 20-year to 15-year change for non-exempt employees in favor of asking for a generally more equitable policy for President Rawlins to take up with TBR.
  9. New Business:
    • President Rawlins sent a letter to the Staff Senate asking if we would coordinate the efforts for Operation Feed. There was a general consensus that this would be a good thing to do, and a committee was formed to follow through with Maurice Williams as chairman.
    • Several state funding issues were discussed. Why would the state approve contributing $80 million dollars to build a stadium in Nashville while cutting higher education state-wide? Also, a proposal to combine the TBR and UT systems again failed to pass; the UT system is funded at a much higher level than the TBR schools. All employees are encouraged to write to their state senators (whose names can be found in the new phone books) to let them know how you feel on these issues. A draft memo addressing these problems will go out with the agenda for the next meeting.
    • Dr. Frank Goldberg has been asked to make a presentation to the Senate explaining University money allocations. There is always confusion as to why monies can be found for some things and not others.
    • Questions were raised about how May 8th's employee termination notifications were handled. Human Resources met with supervisors who were going to have to terminate positions before the terminations, and employees were notified individually by their supervisors. Human Resources is also providing outplacement services. There are new positions which are only being advertised internally to aid employees in finding other work before June 30th, their current position's termination date.
    • In general, the terminations were handled about as well as such things can be given the circumstances.

  10. President's Remarks: None.
  11. The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for June 19, 1997.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Harry Flowers
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