Staff Senate
May 18, 2000

Present: Sally Andrews, Helen Awsumb, Regina Ayers, Glenda Barton, Devonia Cage, Sherry Crone, Gary Fornter, R. C. Johnson, Jennifer Joyner, Kathleen Kolby,  Amy Martin, Jan Mayes, Becky McCoy, Beverly McMillan, John Melton, Edward Orio, Cathy Philpot, Bernice Richardson, Jim Selbe, Patty Simonton, James Singleton, Maurice Williams

Absent: Johnny Barnes, Oscar Collier, Jimmy Craft, Brenda Gray, Barbara Harris, Mary Harris, Hazel Haywood, Diana Humphrey, Ronald MacDonald, Larry Mayes, Leslie Smith, Vanessa Smith, Veronica Vinson

Excused: Kathy Atkinson, Charlie Black, Gary Carman, Marie Dockter, Lorene Flowers, Verlinda Franklin, Nancy Hollingsworth, Janice Morganfield, Jane Orcholski, Lynn Owens, Michelle Stout, Carolyn Zoccola

  1. Meeting was called to order at 9:38 AM
  2. Roll called.
  3. Approval of April minutes.

  4. Guest Speaker – Dr. William Gutzke- President Elect Faculty Senate: Dr. Gutzke stated that the Faculty Senate wants to work closely with the Staff Senate toward common goals. Working together would give us a stronger voice. The first issue would be equity in pay for employees. The University of Memphis is $10,000.00 - $20,000.00 below the average in faculty pay. There has been a 12.5% overall increase in the last 10 years; however, there has been a 50% increase in administration salaries over the same time period. The second issue Dr. Gutzke would like the Faculty Senate and Staff Senates to work on together, in opposition to the raising of the fees for the Recreation and Fitness Center. The faculty will boycott the Recreation and Fitness Center if they do not cut back on the 300% increase. Parking rates is another issue of concern for the Faculty Senate. The issue of closing areas to push people to move into the parking garages is being discussed. All motions of the Faculty Senate will be sent to the Staff Senate. The Executive Boards of the Faculty and Staff Senates will meet periodically. The Faculty Senate is also investigating Faculty, Staff, and Administrative salaries. University documents are available for review. They will be looking at the rational distribution of raise money. It was suggested that if the University can not give the employees adequate raises, that perks be offered. Dr. Gutzke has addressed the SGA. There is a 19 voting member search committee for the position of President. This will begin May 30.

  5. Committee Reports:
  6. Finance: Maurice Williams- No Finance Report
    Operation Feed- Official report next month.
    Election: Glenda Barton- Currently waiting on list from Human Resources to begin election.
    Issues and Review: Jennifer Joyner- No Report
    Standing Committees:
    Facilities & Services: Gary Carman- No Report
    Traffic & Parking: Michelle Stout- No Report
    Safety: James Singleton- No Report
    IT Planning & Policy Council: Michelle Stout- No Report

    IT Administrative Advisory Committee: Marcia Taylor reported for Marie Dockter- There is a new staff web page. Go to the University site and go to Technology. The University will no longer purge students from classes for non-payment of fees.

    Bookstore Committee: Carolyn Zoccola- No Report
    Food Services Committee: Patty Simonton- No Report
    Public Records: Jane Orcholski- No Report
    Fee Refunds & Appeals Committee: Beverly McMillan- No Report

    Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning: Jim Selbe- Strategic Plan is finished and has gone to Pres. Faudree.
    Ad Hoc Committee on By Laws: No report

  7. Discussion was held regarding the support of a boycott of the Recreation Center because of

  8. the increase of fees. A motion was made that the Staff Senate support a boycott. A vote was
    tabled until the next meeting.
  9. President’s Remarks: Kathy Kolby stated that the Staff Senate has a new office located in

  10. Room 200 McCord Hall. She has been to Central Receiving and tagged several items for the
    office. There is also some things in Brister Library. We will have an open house when the office is completed.
    Maurice Williams will be going to Williamsburg, VA in June for the Parliamentarian Procedures Conference.
  11. Meeting was adjourned at 11:08 AM.
8. Next scheduled meetings: June 15, 2000
    July 20, 2000
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