Staff Senate
November 16, 1995

Absent: S. McClain, H Haywood, S Canaday, K Thurmond, P Green, R. Jones, C Johnson

Excused: Joanne Lippy, M. Williams, P Green

  1. Mr. Lippy called the meeting to order.
  2. Ronnie Vinson announced roll call.
  3. The full Senate body approved the agenda.
  4. Mr. Lippy asked for comments from the floor on all sections of the By-Laws.
  5. Names of the chairperson and secretary for all ad-hoc committees will immediately be forwarded to the Executive Committee as soon as made available.
  6. Marcia Taylor made motion to change Item 4.A. of the By-Laws to increase the number of members from 7 to 9. Recommendation was approved.
  7. It was recommended that whenever voting on any issues, at least 50% of the members must be present, and at least 2/3 present must be in agreement in order to constitute a quorum. Motion was approved.
  8. It was agreed that the 3rd Thursday, 9:30-10:30 of each month was acceptable to hold Staff Senate Meetings. Ten days prior to each meeting, the agenda and minutes will be sent to members.
  9. The question was raised as to whether to tart processing ballots for the next term of office, which would begin in May, OR to extend the 1st term of office only until 1997. Motion was approved to extend the term of office until 1997.
  10. The Finance Committee was named: Chair, V. Reed, and member, Charpie.
  11. The Election Committee was named, Chair, V. Vinson, and members: B. Akey, J. Mitchell, G. Barton, H. Flowers, C. LeFleur, F. O'Connor.
  12. The Issues Review Committee was named with the following volunteering as members: M. Taylor, S. Babb, P. Melton, T. Polk, C. Corley, C. Diffee, C. Black, M. Rhodes, J. Farrell.
  13. V. Davis volunteered to serve as Parliamentarian.
  14. There was no old business to discuss.
  15. Dr. Penrod requested a senator to serve on the Information Policy Commitee. V. Reed agreed to serve.
  16. M.Taylor has agreed to serve as Chair of the By-Laws Committee. First order of business will be to resolve the problem of no representation in some departments.


Mr. Lippy mentioned that Dr Joanne Keaton(Communication Dept.) has volunteered her expertise in assisting the ad-hoc committees in initial organizational set up.

President Rawlins has requested that Mr. Lippy regularly attend Administrative Council meetings.

Mr. Lippy gave a brief overview of items of interest to the Senate on what was discussed at the November Administrative Council Retreat which was attended by the Exec. Committee: a) Staff evaluation process is being revised. The word "average" is being considered for deletion from the rating system. Employees will also possibly perform a 360 degree evaluation-they will in turn evaluate their supervisor.

The President is optimistic that salary raises will be forthcoming. Definite information should be available in January.

Voice mail is in "test" and installation will begin soon. It is intended to have basic service to all requesting departments by the end of the first quarter of 1996.

The telephone system is being upgraded. The analog switch will be replaced with a new digital switch during the period the University is closed in December. This will allow for additional dial-up lines as well as system redundancy.

Internal wiring for the campus network will be completed in 1996-97 for all faculty and administrative offices as well as 40% of dorms and classrooms.

Minutes respectfully recorded by Veronica A. Vinson

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