Staff Senate
November 20, 1997

Absent: Joan Cesari, Ray Craft, Kimberly Edgar, Hazel Haywood, Janice Hines, Ronnie Logan, and Maurice Williams

Excused: Sam Brackstone, Carol Brown, Steve Canaday, Pat Green, Linda Hall, Bill Lansden, Norma Price, and Jeanne Tutor

  1. The meeting was called to order and roll was called.
  2. Minutes for October's meeting were approved as amended and with the acknowledgment of Ms. Mary Ann Camp's E-mail dated November 10, 1997.
  3. Committee reports:
  4. Finance Committee:
    Harry Flowers stated the senate account balance is $5,542.71
    Election Committee:
    Ad-Hoc Bylaws Committee:
    Issues Review Committee:
    A response from Dr. Goldberg is still pending concerning new positions created; how many have been upgraded etc.
    In response to the question regarding an employee applying and being interviewed for more than one position, a report compiled by JoAnn Lippy and Dianne Cooper was read. To sum it up, an individual can apply for up to three positions at a time, numbering them on the application as to order of preference. It is possible that the applicant will be interviewed for all three positions. For each job the top three applicants are sent for an interview. If you would be interested in seeing this report in its entirety please see Tommi Polk, Diane Cooper, or Joanne Lippy.

    President Rawlins asked Mary Ann Camp to look into the memo regarding the salary limits. Ms. Camp has asked the Project Oversight Committee to give feedback on it.

    The question concerning time and leave again brought much discussion. The consensus of the senators was that employees should consult their supervisors regarding concerns. Time and leave are the responsibilities of the supervisor.

    Standing Committees:
    • Traffic/Parking Authority: None.
    • Safety Committee: The Mitchell Hall incident is already in the forefront. Jim Hellums, Assistant Vice President for Physical Plant and Planning, has been invited to speak.
    • IT Policy Committee: Faculty members have been included in this committee. A question was raised regarding salaries for computer labs staff: the students staffing the computer labs are being paid for with TAF monies to extend hours. This money cannot be used on a full-time staff person.
    • IT Admin. Advisory Com.: Heard reports from individual project teams. Dwayne Cable has been appointed SCT Project Administrator.
    • Bookstore Committee: There are a number of items the bookstore is doing to get prepared for the Spring semester: these items are listed in the Minutes of the November 5, 1997 meeting. If you would like to review these items please contact Lavonnie Perry-Claybon. There will be a WEB site whereby at least next year's students will be able to order and have books mailed to them.
    • Campus School Committee: None.
  5. Old Business: Will check with Mary Ann Camp on a response to the question concerning Annual Leave.
  6. New Business:
  7. Non-Faculty Sick Leave Bank is having open enrollment until December 12th with drawings for gifts.

    A visitor from the Business and Finance, Focus for Excellence Program, wanted to know about organizing some meetings on the Mercer Study. The concern was expressed that some areas had received their notice of informative meetings too late or did not receive them at all. It was also brought up that a lot of positions still do not have titles and/or job descriptions. Ginny Reed has sent a memorandum to Mary Ann Camp expressing these concerns and hopes to have some information to provide the senate at the December 18th meeting.

  8. President's Remarks: A brief overview of the Administrative Retreat was given and the fact that the president is looking for a catchy name for an award that is to be offered by the University.
  9. Next meeting is scheduled for December 18, 1997.
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