Staff Senate
November 19, 1998

Absent: Leroy Brewer, Ray Craft, Bernedine Kelly and Jeanne Tutor

Excused: Glenda Barton, Gracie Cato, Mark Copley, Barbara Harris, Hazel Haywood, Janet Mitchell, Janice Morganfield, Lynne Owens, Norma Price, Bobbie Steiner, Patricia Taylor, and Carolyn Zoccola

Present: Beverly Anthony, Kathy Atkinson, Charlie Black, Sam Brackstone, Devonia Cage, Steve Canaday, Gary Carman, Pam Cash, Linda Clark, Steven Conlee, Diane Cooper, Sherry Crone, Frank Dyer, Patricia Ehrlich, Gary Fortner, Verlinda Franklin, Pat Green, Nancy Hollingsworth, Addie Hughes, Diana Humphrey, Richard Jones, Kathy Kolby, Bill Lansden, Joanne Lippy, Larry Mayes, Barbara Moore, Coszetta Morris, Ginny Reed, Bernice Richardson, Patty Simonton, Michelle Stout, Marcia Taylor

1. Meeting called to order at 9:30 a.m.
2. Roll called.
3. Dr. Penrod gave an overview of Information Systems. See a senator if you are interested in further details of his talk. Each senator has a handout outlining the talk.
4. Minutes approved.
5. Committee reports:

Finance Committee: Larry Mayes - None
Election Committee:
Pam Cash - None
AD-Hoc Bylaws Committee:
Issues Review Committee - Read the proposed changes to the By-Laws.
Proposed Amendment I, Page 12 of the By-Laws: At present a quorum is 25 and 2/3 of that 25 can change the by-laws and can pass and carry a vote. Which means 17 senators out of 50 can make a change. The new statement would read to change and pass and carry a vote it would take a simple majority of full memebership of 50 (26 instead of present 17.)

Proposed Amendment II, Page 4 of the by-Laws, ARTICLE V: TERMS OF OFFICE AND ELECTIONS: At present we can hold a meeting with 25 senators present. The new statement would read that this would mean we can hold a meeting with 26 senators present, but to change and pass and carry a vote it would take a simple majority of full membership of 50 (26 instead of present 17).

Proposed Amendment III, page 4 of the By-Laws: The reason for this amendment has to do with the present pattern set with installing officers. The election has been running late and officers have been installed in August instead of May, if we don't change the by-laws then it will cut a number of senators short with their terms. Due to the problems with the elections in the past and starting dates of present senators; it is proposed for new terms to begin with August meeting.

The proposals will be sent to each senator prior to the voting at the December 8th meeting.

Issues Review Committee:
Diane Cooper - Diane read the memorandum from Joanne Lippy concerning the Employee Referral Program. There was much discussion concerning the progoram. It was suggested that possibly the application for the Employee Referral program should be added to the University's job application. This will be further investigated.

On the issue of access through the Alumni Gate, anyone who needs access may request this through Parking.

6. Standing Committees:
Traffic/Parking Authority: Need a Volunteer
Safety Committee: Need a Volunteer
Facilities and Services Com.: Janet Mitchell - None
IT Planning Policy Council: Steve Canaday - None
IT Admin. Advisory Com.: Steve Conlee - None
Bookstore Committee: Carolyn Zoccola - None
Food Services Committee: Patty Simonton - None
Public Records: Need a Volunteer
Fee Refunds & Appeals: Need a Volunteer
7. New Business:
Senators who have had three unexcused absences were notified by mail of their possible removal from the Staff Senate for breech of the By-Laws. Each senator was given the opportunity to speak. There will be an election at the December meeting for those senators who have missed three unexcused meetings. The names on the ballot will be as follows:
  • Ray Craft
  • Addie Hughes
  • Barbara Moore
  • Coszetta Morris

8. President's Remarks:

The December is a very important meeting. Please make every effort to attend.

The December meeting has been changed to Tuesday, December 8, 1998. Dr. Rawlins will be speaking at this meeting; everyone is welcome to come.

9. Adjourn

    Next meeting is Tuesday, December 8, 1998 at 9:30 in McWherter 225B.

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