Staff Senate
November 16, 2000

Present: Jack Acor, Regenia Ayers, Susie Barnett, Ruthie Bassford, Sharon Bumpus, Gary Carman, Pam Cash, Kathy Cook, Sherry Crone, Marie Dockter, Senese Duhart, Laura Edwards, Lorene Flowers, Rick Forrester, Rosemary Frix, Brenda Fuller, Diana Humphrey, Virginia Huss, Richard Jones, Ronald MacDonald, Amy Martin, Jann Mayes, Larry Mayes, Becky McCoy, John Melton, James Montague, Jane Orcholski, Ricky Paine, Cathy Philpot, Chris Powless, James Singleton, Vanessa Smith, Michelle Stout, Marcia Taylor, Maurice Williams

Absent: Sally Andrews, Jennifer Baker, Mark Green, Mary Harris, Barbara Marese, Beverly McMillan, Janice Morganfield

Excused: Cathy Awsumb, John Farrell, Edward Orio, Jim Selbe, Patty Short, Teresa Weaver, Fay Wilson

1. Meeting was called to order at 9:38 AM.

2. Roll called.

3. Amendment. The September minutes were amended to move Lorene Flowers to present for the October meeting. Minutes amended and approved for October 20, 2000 meeting.

4. Guest Speaker - Dr. John Wasileski, Associate Vice President, Information Systems. Dr. Wasileski gave the Senate an update on Data Warehousing at The U of M. He explained that Data Warehousing could combine information from two or more sources into a single computer file thus making complex reporting much easier. His PowerPoint presentation illustrated how data warehousing could be used for a variety of tasks by changing the query to the warehoused information. A question was raised about the security of a person's identity. Dr. Wasileski explained that, internally, the system would be restricted to personnel having access to the system. The system will have firewalls as security from outside the university. Another question was: When will the system be available for staff to use? He stated that some access and software are ready now, but are not yet ready for access by staff. More testing is needed. It could be available for use within the next 4-6 months. One part of the process to make data warehousing available to all staff is to provide training for staff prior to their being given access to the system. Dr. Wasileski also explained that data could be flagged to indicate which student information should not be revealed outside the University.

5. Committee Reports

  • Finance: No report
  • Election: No report
  • Issues & Review: The committee was asked to explore the issue of why HMO rates are higher in the Memphis area than in Nashville. Cathy Philpot reported that HMO rates are negotiated by the state. The Committee continues to look at doing away with the 50-cent fee for cashing checks. Jack Acor reported on the progress of in-position increases. Presently, the committee is proceeding with consensus building for this concept at The University of Memphis, TBR, and THEC.
6. Standing Committees:
  • Facilities & Services - Gary Carman reported that the bookstore is scheduled to open in 2002; on December 8, bids went out for renovating the John Wilder Library; construction of the hotel is on schedule; over the Christmas Break there will be electrical power outages in some buildings; and the Rose Theater is scheduled to open in the spring of 2001.
  • Traffic and Parking - Michelle Stout--No report
  • IT Planning and Policy Council - Michelle Stout--No report
  • IT Administrative Advisory Committee - Marie Dockter--No report
  • Space Planning - Marie Dockter - No report
  • Safety - James Singleton - James reported that the committee met on October 31. Roger Fowler reported to the committee that auto theft and break-ins have increased; EPA published crime reports on-line; there is frustration that The University of Memphis' evacuation plan is not complete; and there are concerns about how the incomplete plans may affect students. Maurice Williams announced that the Public Safety Council meetings are open to the public and are held every Friday at 10 a.m. in the Training Room at 100 Zach Curlin.
  • Bookstore Committee - Cathy Philpot-No report
  • Food Services and Dining Committee - Regenia Ayers - No report
  • Public Records - Jane Orcholski - No report
  • Fee Refunds and Appeals - Beverly McMillan - No report
  • UPDATE Meeting - Cathy Philpot - No report
  • Public Relations Committee - Chris Powless - No report
7. Old Business
  • At its October meeting, the Staff Senate agreed that a by-laws committee should be formed to review and, if necessary, rewrite the senate's bylaws. It was moved and seconded that the Senate establish an Ad Hoc by-laws committee. The President asked for volunteers to serve on this committee. The Committee members are: Larry Mayes (Chair), Marcia Taylor, Pam Cash, Chris Powless, and Regenia Ayers.
  • President Williams reported that the presidents of the Staff, Faculty and Student Senates would attend the Chancellors' Annual TBR day. Attending the TBR day will give the presidents better access to legislatures.
8. New Business
  • Kathy Kolby, Ex-Officio Senator and member of the presidential search committee, reported on the status of the search for a president at The University of Memphis. The search committee will meet with eight candidates and pare the list down to four. The four candidates will be invited to come the U of M campus for interviews. The c.v.'s for the candidates can be accessed from the Faculty Senate's Web Page.
  • The reception for Staff Senators will be held during spring, 2001.
9. President's Remarks
  • President Williams reminded the Senate that Jennifer Joyner, the Staff Senate's secretary, had resigned and he had appointed Regenia Ayers to fill in for the remainder of the Senate year. It was moved and seconded to confirm Regenia Ayers as secretary.
  • The Presidents of the Staff, Faculty and Student Senate are scheduled to meet on the 4th Thursday in January.
  • The status of the University's council on Diversity & Multicultural Affairs (Office of Diversity) is still uncertain. The office is waiting for a decision from the Provost.
  • President Williams asked for a volunteer to Chair the Operation Feed 2001 committee. Senese Duhart agreed to chair this committee. Other members are Susie Barnett, Brenda Fuller, and Maurice Williams.
10. Meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

Next scheduled meeting: February 15, 2001

Recorded by Regenia Ayers,

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