Staff Senate
November 29, 2001

Present: Jack Acor, Marcy Anderson, Sharon Banker, Sharon Bumpus, Pam Cash, Kathy Cook, Stein Cooperwood, Dianne Day, Janis Dublin, Laura Edwards, James Hudson, Virginia Huss, Dee Luna, Beverly McMillan, James Montague, Leslie Peach, Chris Powless, Hope Smith, Marcia Taylor, Melody Weldon, and Faye Wilson

Excused: Regenia Ayers, Susie Barnett, Senese Duhart, Rosemary Frix, Felicia Hartsfield, Diana Humphrey, Lonnie Latham, Ricky Paine, Patty Short, Calvin Strong, Dwayne Thompson, and Tommy Towery

Absent: Dedrick Adell, Waldon Hagen, Amy Martin, Derek Myers, Ed Orio, and Karen Wyman

1. Meeting called to order at 9:42 a.m.

2. Motion was made to approve the October Minutes, seconded, and passed with a 0-no and 0-abstention vote.

Committee Reports:


Finance: The only expenses since the last report were the monthly $21 phone charge, the purchase of a $216.49 printer for the Senate office (approved in a prior meeting), and $240 for the parking permit for the Senate (approved in a prior meeting).

There was a total of $950 donated by various areas for the Staff Appreciation Day. The total expense for this event was $2,252.85. The Staff Senate paid the balance of $1,302.85.

The Senate’s current balance is $4,745.39.

Issues: The issue of having the University Police provide coverage to the University Church Early Child Care Center, adjacent to Prescott Baptist Church, which is in the boundaries of the University’s Police’ coverage (an agreement they have with the City), in the case of an emergency is being reviewed. Currently there is no plan in place to provide them this assistance.

Human Resources will be asked to attend an upcoming Senate meeting to provide information on various HR issues.

ALL Policies and Procedures are available on the Internet at:

Membership: No Report

Public Relations: No Report

Web Site: No Report

Election: See Old Business


Bylaws: No Report

Page Two


Bookstore: No Report

Facilities & Service: No Report

Fee Refunds and Appeals: No Report

Food Services and Dining: No Report

IT Admin. Advisory Com.: No Report

IT Plan. And Policy Council: No Report

Public Records and Forms: No Report

Public Safety: No Report

Purchasing: No Report

Safety Committee: No Report

Space Planning: No Report

Traffic & Parking: No Report

UPDATE: No Report

4. Old Business

After much discussion, a motion was made to wait until the regular scheduled election to replace the 11 vacant Senate seats. The election process should begin in March.

5. New Business

Senator Hudson made a suggestion that the Senate look into sponsoring a Financial Seminar. Senator Hudson is going to put the recommendation in writing and submit it to the Issues and Review Committee. After Issues and Review Committee has reviewed the request, it will be brought before the Senate for a vote.

6. Meeting Adjourned at 11:01 a.m.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, December 19, 2001 at 9:30 a.m.

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