Staff Senate
November 18, 1999

Present: Sally Andrews, Cathy Awsumb, Regina Ayers, Glenda Barton, Devonia Cage, Gary Carman, Sherry Crone, Marie Dockter, Lorene Flowers, Gary Fortner, Verlinda Franklin, Brenda Gray, Mary Harris, R. C. Johnson, Kathy Kolby, Amy Martin, Larry Mayes, Becky McCoy, Beverly McMillan, John Melton, Janice Morganfield, Edward Orio, Lynn Owens, Jane Perrello, Cathy Philpot, Bernice Richardson, Patty Simonton, Michelle Stout, Carolyn Zoccola

Absent: Johnny Barnes, Charlie Black, Oscar Collier, Jimmy Craft, Barbara Harris, Hazel Haywood, Ronald MacDonald, James Singleton, Leslie Smith, Shepard Taylor, Veronica Vinson

Excused: Kathy Atkinson, Linda Clark, Nancy Hollingsworth, Diana Humphrey, Jennifer Joyner, Jim Selbe, Maurice Williams

  1. Meeting was called to order at 9:35 AM
  2. Roll called.
  3. Beverly McMillan discussed the possibility of the Staff Senate obtaining lapel pins. She brought an example of a lapel pin and also a name tag from the Faculty Senate
  4. Committee Reports:
  5. Finance: No Report

    Election: Glenda Barton reported that nomination forms and letters were distributed to the three areas needing senate representation. A problem with the accuracy of the list of eligible employees being received from Human Resources for the election was discovered. Steps to resolve this are being discussed.

    Issues and Review: Regina Ayers reported that a meeting has been scheduled with Mary Ann Camp to discuss employees applying for different positions on campus prior to completing six months in their current positions. They are also investigating the issue with the Health Center.

    Standing Committees:

    Facilities & Services: Gary Carman reported that the committee met and did a lighting tour of campus. Phase I of the lighting project is completed. There have been some lights placed in trees, and they are planning on doing this throughout campus.

    Traffic & Parking: Michelle Stout--No Report

    Safety: No Report

    IT Planning & Policy Council: Michelle Stout--No Report

    IT Administrative Advisory Committee: Marie Dockter reported that the committee met and discussed the LSP Model. This should make departments more uniform. There is a website available for employees to become certified in Microsoft. This can either be downloaded or completed on-line.

    Bookstore Committee: Carolyn Zoccola--No Report

    Food Services: Patty Simonton--No Report

    Public Records: Jane Perrello--No Report

    Fee Refunds & Appeals: Beverly McMillan--No Report

    Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning--No Report

    Ad Hoc Committee on By-laws--the vote to accept the by-laws as typed was tabled.

  6. New Business:

  7. The Executive Committee has discussed the cost of sending out Staff Senate Meeting Minutes. The majority of the budget is the cost of printing. It was decided to send one copy of the minutes to each senator after the minutes have been approved and one copy to each department to circulate to its employees. The minutes will also be on the web. Any employee who has a problem obtaining the minutes in this manner can contact the Staff Senate and special arrangements will be made.

    Patricia Ehrlich was present to discuss the Sick Leave Bank. Regina Ayers, Gary Carman, Lorene Flowers, Pam Cash, and Norma Price are the new Sick Leave Bank Trustees. There will be a recruitment drive for new members for the Sick Leave Bank. They are looking at having gifts to encourage membership. She provided copies of the policy and procedure and the application form for the Senators to review. This information is also available through the University website. The Sick Leave Bank will be making a new assessment of one day for current members. This is the first assessment that has been made since June 1996. There will be no assessment for members who have joined after December 1998. The Sick Leave Bank is a benefit, but has gotten some bad press over the past several years. The Sick Leave Bank has not been abused and provides a great service to many University employees. An employee must donate three sick leave days in order to become a member of the Sick Leave Bank. Employees may join at any time.

    New Senator Edward Orio was sworn in.

    A handout was available from Kathy Kolby for the Staff Senate with a report from the President's Administrative Council Meeting on November 11 and 12 at Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center in Olive Branch, MS.

    Gary Fortner provided a Safety Training Schedule for the Senators.

    The University Career Associates are collecting items for Trinity Hospice "Comfort Baskets." Diane Cooper provided a list of items suggested for these baskets. She will be collecting these from the Staff Senators at the Staff Senate Meeting on December 16. If you have any questions, contact Diane Cooper at x3125.

    It was suggested that someone from Police Services speak to the Staff Senate to update us on measures that are being taken to prevent crime on campus. We will attempt to schedule Roger Fowler to speak to the Staff Senate in the future.

    Joann Keyton from the Women's Research Forum will be forwarding a proposal to be considered by the Faculty and Staff Senates.

    Linda Michael from Marketing and Development has asked to speak to the Staff Senate regarding steps being taken to market The University of Memphis.

  8. Old Business:

  9. The Senate discussed the State Income Tax and Staff Senators encouraged to contact their State Senators to let them know their opinions.

  10. Meeting was adjourned at 10:22 AM.
  11. Next scheduled meetings: December 16, 1999
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