Staff Senate
October 16, 1997

Absent: Charlie Black, Kimberly Edgar, Janice Hines, Addie Hughes, Norma Price, and Marcia Taylor

Excused: Glenda Barton, Joan Cesari, Patricia Green, Hazel Haywood, Linda Heide, Robert Marczynski, Janet Mitchell, and Maurice Williams

  1. The meeting was called to order and roll was called.
  2. Minutes for the September meeting were approved as written.
  3. The draft memorandum for Salary Limits for Exemplary Employees was read by Sam Brackstone. The memorandum was approved with few changes. It was sent to President Rawlins from the Staff Senate Executive Board and Issues Review Sub-Committee, consisting of Sam Brackstone, Kathy Kolby, and Tommie Polk, Chair.
  4. Committee reports:
  5. Finance Committee:
    Election Committee:
    Ad-Hoc Bylaws Committee:
    Issues Review Committee:
    Item #3
    Standing Committees:
    • Traffic/Parking Authority: Tommie Polk said that she had attended her first meeting and that if anyone had anything they would like to discuss she would bring it up at the next meeting. Lavonnie Perry-Claybon brought up the issue of receiving tickets for loading/unloading by buildings. And, the issue of tickets being reduced but not showing up on the employees account in a timely fashion.
    • Safety Committee: Connie Diffee told of their meeting and how the item mainly discussed was that Physical Plant and Planning should be contacted before any digging is done on campus.
    • IT Policy Committee: Harry Flowers said the committee is reorganizing and will possibly add all deans.
    • Bookstore Committee: Lavonnie Perry-Claybon said it was basically an informational meeting. There was a representative from Barnes and Noble at that meeting explaining some interesting details of the bookstore. The bookstore will soon have a web page.
    • Campus School Committee: Carol Brown said that Dean Essex sent a letter to the President to allow all staff to be able to make a request for their children to be admitted to Campus School. President Rawlins approved the letter and the letter is now in the hands of the Legal Council office.
    • Ginny Reed said there is a new Food Services Committee and asked for a representative from the Staff Senate. Lonnie Latham volunteered.
  6. Old Business:

  7. Ginny Reed brought before the committee Bill Lansden's letter to the Governor concerning money for higher education. Bill agreed to rewrite the letter with suggestions from the senate to remove any reference to the Tennessee Oilers, double check any funding statements, and at the request of Sam Brackstone possibly include a reference to the Old Brister Facility. Larry Mayes expressed that he would like to see all Shelby County legislature get a copy of the letter. The issue was tabled until next month.

    Also, the idea of colleagues at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville possibly being included in the sending of the letter was discussed. Ginny Davis will investigate this further.

  8. New Business:

  9. Ginny Reed reminded the senate to inform their constituents that the meetings are open and that any concern they have may be brought forth.

    Ginny Reed brought up an issue received concerning Human Resources' policy on allowing an employee to interview with more than one job. The constituent said their current policy is if you apply for more than one job, to send you to your first interview choice only. The Issues Review Committee will take up this concern.

    The Mitchell Hall ramp was also brought before the senate. During a recent fire drill an employee fell into this exterior ramp well. Connie Diffee will bring this before the Safety Committee. Patricia Ehrlich stated that Gary Fortner was already investigating the situation.

  10. President's Remarks: Same as above.
  11. Next meeting is scheduled for November 20, 1997.
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