Staff Senate
October 20, 2000

Present: Jack Acor, Sally Andrews, Cathy Awsumb, Regina Ayers, Jennifer Baker, Susie Barnett, Ruthie Bassford, Sharon Bumpus, Gary Carman, Pam Cash, Kathy Cook, Sherry Crone, Marie Dockter, Senese Duhart, Laura Edwards, Lorene Flowers, Rick Forrester, Brenda Fuller, Diana Humphrey, Virginia Huss, Richard Jones, Jennifer Joyner, Barbara Marese, Amy Martin, Jann Mayes, Larry Mayes, Becky McCoy, Beverly McMillan, John Melton, James Montague, Jane Orcholski, Edward Orio, Ricky Paine, Cathy Philpot, Chris Powless, Jim Selbe, Patty Short, James Singleton, Vanessa Smith, Michelle Stout, Marcia Taylor, Teresa Weaver, Maurice Williams, Faye Wilson

Absent: John Farrell, Rosemary Frix, Mark Green, Mary Harris, Ronald MacDonald, Janice Morganfield

Excused: Kathy Cook

1. Meeting was called to order at 9:32 AM.

2. Roll called.

3. Amendment to September minutes to move Pam Cash to present and Senese Duhart to excused.

Minutes amended and approved for September 21, 2000 meeting.

4. Guest Speaker – Joann Keyton, Faculty Ombudsperson for the University of Memphis

Dr. Keyton spoke to inform the Staff Senate what her office does. She handles complaints by faculty, students, staff concerning faculty issues. She emphasized to still contact her even if it is not a faculty and she will try to help. Dr. Keyton said all matters are confidential and remain anonymous; she reports to Dr. Legg but only to address patterns not individual cases. Her position can act as a mediator when needed or a facilitator for a department when a problem arises that involves everyone.
She currently serves as a faculty member in the department of Communication but that will change of Spring. She is located in 154B, Administration Building. This is another mechanism on campus to be heard and depending upon the success of this program, there is a possibility it may be expanded to cover all members of the University.

5. Diane Hale was unable to attend the meeting. Hope to reschedule her visit before the end of theyear.

6. Committee Reports

Finance: Jim Selbe reported the budget for the Staff Senate was $4330 with $2036 carry forward that we were able to keep. The student assistance is $670 which gives us $7036. There was a balance after expenditures as of October 3rd of $6355.70. The only outstanding invoices are $102 related to Staff Appreciation Day leaving a balance of $6253 as of October 19th.

Election: No Report

Issues & Review: Regina Ayers stated the committee met and will be looking into 1) possibly increase annual leave at the 15 year mark instead of the gap between 10 and 20 years; 2) Doing away with the 50 cent fee for cashing checks; 3) the amount of life insurance employees can get on their spouse is greatly reduced compared to employee coverage amounts and 4) encouraging constituents to notify the Issues Committee with any requests or issues. The members are Cathy Philpot, Gary Carmen, Becky McCoy, Marcia Taylor and Regina Ayers.

7. Standing Committees:
Facilities & Services – Gary Carman – Met on 9/28 with Mr. Hellums. There was a list of
projects that were marked confidential. They will be fixing existing air conditioning problems. There was discussion about sign colors and sign locations for the new Theater.

Noel Schwartz is gathering information about buildings on campus such as what they are called, the nicknames for them, how are they listed in SIS. There will be a Physical Plant dedication coming up for Mr. Herzog who was the Director of Maintenance and left in 1978. The Bookstore is also now under construction.

Traffic and Parking – Michelle Stout – meeting cancelled. Will report next month.

IT Planning and Policy Council – Michelle Stout – TBR wants the Regents degree operational by Fall 2001. It will be a Bachelor of Professional Studies and follows the University College model. Sixty hours of general education can be obtained from any University but last 60 must come from the six TBR institutions. There are grants for faculty for developing online courses. The grants are for $5,000. IBM will be leasing computers for home use soon. They will run from $25 to $60 a month for three years, at the end of the lease, you will be able to buy back the computer for $1.00. This will include desktops and laptops, will include an internet card and internet access. They do not believe TBR will ask for the option to be put up for bid. Hope to be approved in Spring. This is for personal use only. Also trying to get everyone to convert to Postoffice. Want all faculty and staff to convert by the end of the fall semester. Maurice Williams asked Michelle to check into the price of computers with the University discount compared to the price with the lease program.

IT Administrative Advisory Committee – Marie Dockter – Working on Web for Employees. There will be some changes employees will be able to make to their personal information but most will still have to go through human resources. It looks fairly limited but you will be able to view your information online. Also a demo on wireless communication. The demo sites for this will be Residence Hall and the Administration Building.

Space Planning – Marie Dockter – Changes between Urban Affairs and Public Policy. Moved into McCord Hall, left spaces in Clement.

Safety – James Singleton – Meeting scheduled for 10/31.

Bookstore Committee – Cathy Philpot talked with Steve who did not know there was a committee. Will be checking with Danny Felker to try to get this committee going again. Someone asked if we are still with Barnes and Noble. There is no contract in place. The last time a contract came up, the decision was made based on the return dollars to the University, next time service and quality will also be a consideration.

Food Services and Dining Committee – Regenia Ayers – Concern over the rate of speed of cars in the new parking garage.

Public Records – Jane Orcholski – no report

Fee Refunds and Appeals – Beverly McMillan – no report

UPDATE Meeting – Cathy Philpot – This is not about the Update newsletter, this is a meeting to give updates to the President. The Rose Theater will not open until January. The Sound System bids have come in within the money so the contract should be awarded shortly. There is an electrical problem with lighting and computers. The Post Office in Jones Hall will be moving to the University Center. They will take a corner of the game room and install post office boxes in the hallway. The resident boxes will also be moved there and a $20 fee (possibly per semester) is being proposed. There will be more personnel in the Post Office and they will have three windows instead of two. There were over 1000 late fee payments of $100. Cathy encouraged departments to talk with students about getting in before the late registration date. Campaign 2000 raised four million.

Public Relations Committee – Chris Powless – Gathering information to give to new employees at New Staff Orientation. Maurice Williams does talk at the Orientation about the Staff Senate and encourages involvement but does not have any handouts yet.

 8. New Business – Discussion on the Staff Senate Bylaws. A proposed change was discussed to the bylaws of whether or not to allow a Senator getting promoted to another area or transferring permanently out of the elected division, should be allowed to remain on the Staff Senate representing their original constituents for the remainder of the term. There were some who felt this was not appropriate and that a Senator’s interests have changed if they move to another area and they should not be allowed to continue to represent the previous area. Eventually a question was called as to whether or not we should vote or continue discussion. It was voted to continue discussion. It was decided to send this to the bylaw committee and let them address this issue. The motion was seconded and approved. It was moved to hold on the other proposed change and let the by-law committee consider both changes before voting on any new changes.

Dr. Wasileski is still expected to speak to the Staff Senate in November.

Possible dates for the Staff Senate reception are November 28th, 29th or 30th.

9. President’s Remarks – Maurice Williams spoke with Chancellor Charles Manning and a meeting has been set for October 31st with the executive council of the Staff, Student and Faculty Senates. The discussion will focus on the process that was used to narrow down the candidates for the President’s position. The Staff Senate Executive Council asked that anyone with questions about the process or for Chancellor Manning, please email those to a member of the Executive Council and they will be sure to get answers to those questions. The reason that initiated the meeting was the Faculty Senate was very concerned with the pool of candidates that were chosen. Maurice would like for TBR to understand that the faculty, staff and students are The University of Memphis and our concerns must carry weight with any decision to be made.

All three Executive Council Presidents (Staff, Student and Faculty) will be attending the Annual Legislative Retreat.

Some issues will be the retirement age of police officers. For municipal officers, the retirement age is 25 years of service. The bill on the floor is to move campus officers to this level. Also Drop Plan retirement will be discussed. Maurice did not wish to expound on this until after the retreat but stated it is an optional plan where an employee could decide to switch during the last three years of service to a higher yielding interest into a special account and it would save the state about 6%. From Maurice talking with others that have this option, they experienced an extra 10% revenue during the last three years using this plan.

The Staff Senate Office will be wired for a computer and a split line phone so one can be at the desk and one at the terminal. The Staff Senate has been given a Pentium II computer, printer and a workstation for the office.

12. Meeting was adjourned at 11:10a.m.

Next scheduled meeting: November 16, 2000

Recorded by Jennifer Joyner,

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