Staff Senate
October 18, 2001 Meeting

Present: Jack Acor, Dedrick Adell, Marcy Anderson, Sharon Banker, Susie Barnett, Sharon Bumpus, Pam Cash, Kathy Cook, Dianne Day, Janis Dublin, Senese Duhart, Laura Edwards, Rosemary Frix, James Hudson, Diana Humphrey, Lonnie Latham, Dee Luna, James Montague, Ed Orio, Ricky Paine, Leslie Peach, Chris Powless, Patty Short, Hope Smith, Calvin Strong, Marcia Taylor, Dwayne Thompson, Melody Weldon, Faye Wilson, and Karen Wyman

Excused: Regenia Ayers, Sellterstine Cooperwood, Virginia Huss, Amy Martin, Beverly McMillan, and Derek Myers

Absent: Felicia Hartsfield and Tommy Towery

1. Meeting called to order at 9:34 a.m.

2.  September minutes approved as amended. Motion made, seconded, and passed with a 0-no and 0-abstention vote.

3. Committee Reports:


Finance: The only expense since the last report was the monthly $21 phone charge. There was a carry forward amount of $2,057 giving a balance of $6,525.73

Issues: Senator Powless passed out the Issues and Review Committee Report. The report contained the following:

Information regarding Military Leave can be found in Procedure No. 2D:05:01G.

Information regarding outside employment can be found in Policy No. 1:2A:02:02. This specific policy addresses faculty, administrators, and professional staff. There is information in the Staff Handbook that does indicate that an hourly staff member should notify their supervisor of outside employment. The exact verbiage is not available at the time of this Senate meeting (10-18-01), but Senator Powless will obtain information before the next meeting. Once the exact verbiage is reviewed it is anticipated that the IR committee will recommend to President Taylor that President Raines review this and allow policy 1:2A:02:02 to apply to staff.

Page Two

Information regarding the use of sick time while off on a Workers Compensation injury can be found in Procedure No. 2D:05:01C. The information from Human Resources regarding this subject is as follows:

An employee injured at work who is required to be off work as a result of the injury must use 7 sick days out of their own “account”, day 8 and beyond the worker can receive payment from workers comp at 2/3rds their regular salary. If the worker does not have 7 sick days available then they will be on leave without pay until day 8. This is a State regulation.

There was a request for information regarding training for supervisors who are required to complete the Annual/Probationary Employee Appraisals. Information on this can be found in Procedure 2D:05:00C. Supervisory Training for Performance Evaluations is available but not required. Anyone interested in receiving training can contact Margie Williamson in the Department of Human Resources.

The Fogelman Executive Center contract was awarded to Wilson. November 1, 2001 is the expected dated of takeover. Employees have a limited amount of time to decide if they will work for Wilson or seek other employment. There has been very limited information given to the current FEC employees, and they have not had much help in finding other possible positions on campus.

ALL Policies and Procedures are available on the Internet at:

Membership: No Report

Public Relations: Staff Appreciation Day is tomorrow. Door prize forms have been sent out (these must be used for drawing) and volunteers need to see Senator Cook.

Web Site: No Report

Election: Senator Smith was appointed as chair. All seats that can be filled by appointment will, but there will have to be a special election.

Page Three


Bookstore: Meeting on October 20th or 21st

Facilities & Service: No Report

Fee Refunds and Appeals: No Report

Food Services and Dining: Meeting on October 19th

IT Admin. Advisory Com.: No Report

IT Plan. And Policy Council: No Report

Public Records and Forms: No Report

Public Safety: No Report

Purchasing: No Report

Safety Committee: No Report

Space Planning: No Report

Traffic & Parking: No Report

UPDATE: No Report

4. Old Business

The section of the September minutes regarding Staff Appreciation Day allocations of funds were read for clarification.

Senator Duhart finalized the Operation Feed campaign with an announcement of the winners and totals.

5. New Business

Dr. John Wasileski will speak on behalf of Dr. Penrod in today’s meeting.

A request was made for the Issues and Review Committee to look into the Food Services Contract, specifically the part concerning bringing food in from off campus.

President Raines will join the Senate meeting at the end of Dr. Wasileski’s presentation (approximately 10:30 a.m.) to discuss Campus Safety.

6.  Dr. Raines, President, Mr. Curt Guenther, Interim Director of Communications Services; Mr. Bruce Harber, Interim Director of Public Safety, Mr. David Zettergren, Assistant Vice President for Finance; and Dr. Marty Alberg, Executive Assistant to the President joined the meeting to update the Senate on Campus Safety specifically in regards to the recent anthrax scares. There is no confirmed presence of anthrax in any of the campus alerts thus far. If you have a concern of a substance you should contact Public Safety at 4357. Dr. Raines advised everyone to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. E-mail will be sent advising the University community of information on this matter. Mr. Zettergren advised the Senate on the handling of mail. Mr. Guenther let the Senate know that the University will use the 678-0888 number as its emergency notification number for any event that could cause disruption to the daily activities to the campus.

7.Meeting Adjourned at 11:16 a.m.


Next Meeting Is Thursday, November 29, 2001 At 9:30 A.M. In The University Center

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