Staff Senate
October 21, 1999

Present: Sally Andrews, Kathy Atkinson, Regina Ayers, Glenda Barton, Charlie Black, Devonia Cage, Gary Carman, Linda Clark, Sherry Crone, Marie Dockter, Lorene Flowers, Gary Fortner, Brenda Gray, Barbara Harris, Mary Harris, Nancy Hollingsworth, Diana Humphrey, R. C. Johnson, Jennifer Joyner, Kathy Kolby, Ronald MacDonald, Amy Martin, Larry Mayes, Becky McCoy, Beverly McMillan, John Melton, Janice Morganfield, Lynn Owens, Jane Perrello, Cathy Philpot, Jim Selbe, Patty Simonton, James Singleton, Michelle Stout, Shepard Taylor, Maurice Williams, Carolyn Zoccola

Absent: Oscar Collier, Jimmy Craft

Excused: Cathy Awsumb, Johnny Barnes, Verlinda Franklin, Hazel Haywood, Edward Orio, Bernice Richardson

  1. Meeting was called to order at 9:31 AM
  2. Roll called.
  3. September minutes were approved.
  4. Committee Reports:
  5. Finance: Maurice Williams stated that we had an expenditure of $102.13 for copying charges and a balance of $3,805.87

    Election: Glenda Barton reported that a special election will be held for the positions that have been vacated recently.

    Issues and Review: Jennifer Joyner reported that there was a situation that an employee's position was upgraded after the appeal's process of the Compensation Study, but the employee has been told that she will not be receiving retroactive pay. This committee will also be looking at the policy in Human Resources of an employee who has been in a position less than six months moving to a new position with the current supervisor's approval. Cathy Philpot and Carolyn Zoccola volunteered to serve on this committee

    Standing Committees: Facilities & Services: Gary Carman- No Report.

    Traffic & Parking: Michelle Stout reported the committee met and the priority system will continue to look at rank at the same way it does now. If an employee moves from priority parking to general parking and then wants to return to priority parking, their points would have to be reviewed and they could be affected. The new parking garage will be open January instead of November.

    Safety: James Singleton volunteered to serve on this committee

    IT Planning & Policy Council: Michelle Stout--No Report

    IT Administrative Advisory Committee: Marie Dockter--no report

    Bookstore Committee: Carolyn Zoccola--she contacted Danny Felker because the committee did not meet last year. A new manager is being hired for the bookstore and the committee should be more active next year.

    Food Services: Patty Simonton--No Report

    Public Records: Need a volunteer

    Fee Refunds & Appeals: Beverly McMillan volunteered to serve on this committee

  1. Old Business: No old business was discussed
  2. New Business:
  3. Michelle Stout will be doing the Staff Senate Web Page.

    Jim Selbe discussed the Strategic Plan through 2005. This plan will be reviewed when funding is considered for the University over the next few years. Copies of the Strategic Plan for 1995-2000 were made available to the senators. He asked that the staff give input to him regarding the University's mission statement. A copy of the proposed mission statement had been e-mailed to the senators prior to the meeting and senators were asked to disseminate the information to their constituents and ask for feedback. He stated that he had received some replied from some of the senators. There will be a web site link on the Staff Senate Web Site. This mission statement should be completed by October 24th. At the President's request, "research" has been added to the mission statement. The committee has been very careful in their wording of the statement because of the current tax situation. Dr. Rawlins has initiated Five Destination Areas: 1) undergraduate education with emphasis on character and integrity, 2) international initiatives, 3) information technology, 4) health related issues, 5) performing arts. There are currently university officials paired with external members of the community to serve on various committees representing these areas. He also stated that SCB Technology has agreed to redo the University web site.

  1. President's Remarks: New senator packets have been sent out. If any senators have questions about the information, please contact Jennifer Joyner.
Past President Ginny Reed was recognized and presented with a certificate and a plaque for her hard work and dedication to the Staff Senate.

Diane Cooper was present and passed out Career Associate Applications and announced the Career Associate's Craft Fair to be held Wednesday, October 27 in the University Center.

  1. Meeting was adjourned at 10:17 AM and the senate enjoyed cake in honor of Ginny Reed.
Next scheduled meetings: November 18, 1999
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