Staff Senate
October 2005

8:30 AM

Senators present: Andrews, Margaret; Ballentine, Jeanette; Barham, Mitch; Beck, Scott; Bekis, Barbara; Blake, Margo; Boyce, Susan; Bagdon, Rebecca; Channell, Jessica; Copeland, Ruby; Daniel, Ashley; Fair, Angela; Fitzgerald, Peggy; Fullwood, Ann; Hawkins, Yolanda; Hawkins, Roy Jr.; Hurley, Nancy; Johnson, Mary Laney, Carol; Lim, Lorrean; McMillan, Bev; Merrit, Rebecca; Mosley, Stephen; O’Bryan, Kathryn; Patterson, Melodie; Raiteri, Elizabeth; Stewart, Nancy; Swinger, Sandra; Turner, Debra; Wheeler, Helen; Young-Taylor, Geraldine.

Senators Absent: Ballard, Evell; Bowen, Leslie; Briggs, Angela; Bronson, Terrance; Butler, Brenda; Cade, Paul; Cantler, Edwin; Carman, Gary; Clarkson, Amanda; Crawford, Deborah; Featherstone, Carolyn; Istre, Penni; Lott, Ruby; Mason, C.E.; McArthur, James; Taylor-Strowder, Ora; Wilson, Deborah; Woods, Keeya.

Minutes from the October 20th Meeting:

The meeting was called to order. The senators were asked if everyone had received the minutes. There was a correction made to the minutes concerning the Public Relations section. A motion was made to approve the minutes with the corrections. The corrections and the minutes were approved.

Executive Committee Reports:

President’s Report: There was discussion as to having speakers coming in to give their presentations at the end of our meetings. It was agreed that this should be the procedure from now on. The next discussion was about Banner – basically if there was support amongst supervisors towards their employees. It was later mentioned that Dr. John Wasileski will be present for the November 17th meeting to talk about Banner and the effects of its implementation. There was discussion about the senators sending out an e-mail asking their constituents to send questions about Banner (not concerns about not liking Banner, but other general questions) to the president of the Staff Senate.

Senator Turner asked if there was an easier way to send out staff wide e-mail. She was also concerned as to what the e-mail would say concerning the Banner questions. Later President Beck decided to formulate a letter and send it out to the senators.

Vice President’s Financial Report (Mary Johnson): No report

Secretary’s Report (Melodie Patterson): No report

Membership Report (Mitch Barham): No report

Public Relations Report (Sandra Swinger): Senator Swinger reported that the Food Bank drive will take place November 21st to December 2nd.

Web Site/ IT Report (Debra Turner): Senator Turner has made changes and updates to the Staff Senate web page.

Executive committee

Election Committee Report: No new report

Issues and Reviews (Barbara Bekis): Senator Bekis reported that the committee is working on information concerning the Faculty/Staff background checks.  Also the issue concerning raises has been resolved. The Parking issues are still ongoing and the child care issue (actually the issue concerning children on campus) is now at the president level. The issue concerning the sick leave/bank, someone from human resources will come before the Staff Senate and talk to us.

The issue about the 6 month probation period was not considered to be a Staff Senate issue. Food served on campus is still under investigation

Legislative Advisory Committee:  No report.

University Wide Committees: No reports. There was a question, however, as to whether or not University Wide issues would come before the Staff Senate or the Executive Committee. In some cases, the issue is brought before the Executive Committee, and then it is taken before the Executive Counsel. Afterwards, the Executive Counsel continues with review of the issue.

Miscellaneous: There was a question about the allowance of retired employees, both faculty and staff, to attend the Staff Senate meetings. The question was if the retired employees may sit in on meeting. It was agreed that they could come in during the meetings.

Old Business: No old business

New Business: No old business

Bylaws Committee: The bylaws committee continues to work through the bylaws, trying to shorten and cut out any repetitious wording. After the committee has made the adjustments, the bylaws will be brought before the Staff Senate for review.

President Shirley Raines’s Report: Dr. Raines came before the Staff Senate to comment on the progress that the University of Memphis has made over the past few years. She gave examples, such as the University’s goal to be recognized as one of America’s Great Metro Universities by 2012. Currently there are only 3 research universities in Tennessee: Vanderbilt, the University of Tennessee, and the University of Memphis. We are trying to work harder to reach that goal of being a great university, and one of the ways to do that is to invest in our people and our students. We have the capacity to compete with other universities in the research realm, and we continue to build relationships with other groups and organizations as we continue to grow. President Raines emphasized that we should continue to encourage others, inside and outside of the university, to support us and to try to market its great attributes to the community. The President’s presentation, entitled Momentum: the University of Memphis is a University on the Move, is featured on her website:

Following President Raines presentation, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Melodie V. Patterson

Staff Senate Secretary

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