Staff Senate
September 18, 1997

Absent: Steve Canaday, Ray Craft, Connie Diffee, Kimberly Edgar, John Farrell, Janice Hines, Richard Jones, Janet Mitchell, Ethel Moore, and Norma Price

Excused: Gracie Cato, Steven Conlee, Frank Dyer, Verlinda Franklin, Linda Heide, Ronnie Logan, Vernon Spence, and Maurice Williams

  1. The meeting was called to order and roll was called.
  2. Ms. Mary Ann Camp briefed the senate on the current status of the Mercer study. The re-audits have been given to the Vice Presidents. The new job descriptions will be distributed soon to each employee as well as a copy being placed in a centralized location (such as the Library.) At this time there will be no salary ranges with the job descriptions. Concerns and re-audits will be handled after the distribution of job descriptions. A full description of each job, including a pay grade, may be released in November at the earliest. A 3rd party trained committee will make up the appeals committee. The appeals will be processed through the appropriate Assistant Vice Presidents. There will be two appeal committees, one for exempt employees and one for nonexempt employees. These committees will consist of 10 peers. Each committee of ten will be broken down into to two committees of five. No committee member will work on an appeal in their own division. Dr. Amy Dietrich will be asked to provide the name of one faculty advisor. No current salaries will be cut due to the study. Maximum salary ranges may be enforced sooner.
  3. Ms. Camp also brought up the subject of performance appraisals of supervisors. The draft of the form for appraisal of supervisors is on hold due to the time-frame and the committee will be pursuing outside advice.

    The issue of making a recommendation to the President concerning merit increases was tabled until the October meeting so that current policies and procedures can be reviewed and a draft motion be written.

  4. Minutes for July and August meetings were approved as written.
  5. Committee reports:
  6. Finance Committee:
    Current balance $5,769.27.
    Election Committee:
    Pam Cash will chair this committee.
    Ad-Hoc Bylaws Committee:
    Standing Committee Reports:
    Issues/Review Committee*:
    Smoking Policy issue was brought forth for any suggestions. The suggestions of no smoking in the cafeteria and more urns were made.

    An update on the HPER Complex charges was presented. Mr. Jim Vest will be invited to come speak to the group. At the present time they are looking at a by the semester rate.

    *This committee absorbed the HR Standing Committee.

    **If you wish to volunteer for any these committees please see one of the officers.

  7. Other University Standing Committees:
  8. Ad Hoc Campus School Committee:
    Carol Brown, Janet Mitchell, and Lavonnie Perry-Claybon
    Bookstore Committee:
    Ginny Davis and Lavonnie Perry-Claybon
    Facilities and Services Committee:
    Janet Mitchell
    Traffic and Parking Authority:
    Tommie Polk
    Safety Committee:
    Connie Diffy
    Communications Committee:
    Ginny Reed
    Human Resources Appeals Committee:
    IT Administrative Advisory Committee:
    Robert Marczynski
    IT Policy Council:
    Harry Flowers
    Public Records & Forms:
    Harry Flowers
    Smoking Policy:
    Tommie Polk
  9. Old Business:
  10. New Business:
  11. President's Remarks:
    • Enrollment is up. Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students increased over Fall 1996 by 3%.
    • 1.1 million in budget for new positions, student recruitment, and Library
    • Dr. R. Eugene Smith is presenting a proposal in Nashville to waive out-of-state tuition for neighboring counties.
  12. Next meeting is scheduled for October 16, 1997.
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