Staff Senate
September 16, 1999

Present: Sally Andrews, Helen Awsumb, Regina Ayers, Glenda Barton, Steve Canaday, Gary Carman, Sherry Crone, Marie Dockter, Lorene flowers, Gary Fortner, Brenda Gray, Mary Harris, Beverly Hawkins, Diana Humphrey, R. C. Johnson, Richard Jones, Jennifer Joyner, Amy Martin, Becky McCoy, Ronald McDonald, John Melton, Janet Mitchell, Janice Morganfield, Flora O'Connor, Jane Perrello, Jim Selbe, Patty Simonton, James Singleton, Michele Stout, Veronica Vinson

Absent:  Kathy Atkinson, Charlie Black, Linda Clark, Oscar Collier, Mark Copley, Jimmy Craft, Verlinda Franklin, Aubrey Harris, Barbara Harris, Hazel Haywood, Nancy Hollingsworth, Lynn Owens, Bernice Richardson, Shepard Taylor, Maurice Williams

Excused: Devonia Cage, Kathleen Kolby, Larry Mayes, Edward Orio, Cathy Philpot, Carolyn Zoccola

 1. Meeting called to order at 9:30 a.m.

 2. Roll called.

 3. July and August minutes were approved.

 4. Nomination and Election of New Officers:

  • Kathy Kolby - President
  • Maurice Williams - Vice President
  • Glenda Barton - Secretary
  • Jennifer Joyner - Coordinator of Membership
 5. New Officers Took Charge of the Meeting - the newly elected President and Vice President were not in attendance and the newly elected Secretary presided over the meeting.

 6. Committee Reports:

  • Finance: None
  • Election: None
  • Issues and Review: None
    • Ad-Hoc Bylaws Committee: None
  • Standing Committees:
    • Facilities & Service: Janet Mitchell - None
    • Traffic & Parking: Michelle Stout - None
    • Safety: Richard Jones - None
    • IT Planning & Policy Council: Stave Canaday - None
    • IT Administrative Advisory Committee: None
    • Bookstore Committee: Carolyn Zoccola - None
    • Food Services: Patty Simonton - None
    • Public Records: None
    • Fee Refunds & Appeals: None
 7. Old Business::
A Volunteer Committee was established during the August meeting to look into recognizing Sam Bronson with a Team Baseball rind during halftime at the Homecoming game. The baseball coach had already made plans to present Stan with a new ring. Diana Humphrey, who is serving on the Volunteer Committee, was asked to speak to Maurice Williams about an alternate plan.
 8. New Business:
The issue of a parking problem in Lot 53 and several lots without proper lighting was mentioned. Richard Jones was asked to bring this issue up at the Safety Committee Meeting.

There are several committees that need volunteers. Senators were asked to consider volunteering to serve on a committee.

 9. Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting October 21, 1999.
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