Staff Senate
September 21, 2000

Present: Jack Acor, Sally Andrews, Regina Ayers, Jennifer Baker, Susie Barnett, Ruthie Bassford, Sharon Bumpus, Gary Carman, Pam Cash, Kathy Cook, Laura Edwards, Lorene Flowers, Rosemary Frix, Diana Humphrey, Virginia Huss, Richard Jones, Jennifer Joyner, Ronald MacDonald, Barbara Marese, Amy Martin, Larry Mayes, Becky McCoy, Beverly McMillan, John Melton, James Montague, Jane Orcholski, Ricky Paine, Cathy Philpot, Jim Selbe, Patty Short, James Singleton, Vanessa Smith, Michelle Stout, Marcia Taylor, Teresa Weaver, Maurice Williams, Faye Wilson

Absent: John Farrell, Mark Green, Mary Harris, Janice Morganfield

Excused: Cathy Awsumb, Sherry Crone, Marie Dockter, Senese Duhart, Rick Forrester, Brenda Fuller, Jann Mayes, Edward Orio, Chris Powless

1. Meeting was called to order at 9:32 AM.

2. Roll called.

3. Approval of August minutes.

4. Committee Reports

  • Finance: Maurice Williams reported the Staff Senate was one of the prime financial sponsors for the Career Association Staff Appreciation Day. All of the bills are not in yet and the Career Associates have leftover food they will be selling to go towards some of the expenses. The Staff Senate was granted approval to keep 100% of the carry forward money from FY 99-00. The total right now stands at $6,813.65. After paying August/September charges, will stand in the neighborhood of $5,000.
  • Election: No Report
  • Issues & Review: No Report
5. Old Business - Bylaw Changes would create clusters to put people together. Hopefully people represented will know who their Senator is and the Senator will also let them know. An item was brought up to add to the bylaws a change that would allow people getting promotion opportunities that would make them ineligible to serve their term would still be allowed to do so. A motion was passed to approve the current bylaw changes and to send information out to the Senators about this and vote at a later date. Motion was approved. There was one in opposition of the change, the rest were in favor.

Senate Pins – Senate pins are expected in at any time. Should be around $280. Maurice asked that the company be made aware that The University of Memphis is tax exempt. Kathy Kolby suggested possibly handing out pins during future luncheon.

6. Confirm Standing Committee Members: All agreed to continue in their capacity and Cathy Philpot will be the Bookstore Committee Staff Senate Representative. Thank you Cathy for volunteering.

 7. Standing Committees:

  • Facilities & Services – Gary Carman – no report
  • Traffic and Parking – Michelle Stout – met and discussed parking at the campus school. Changed to reserved ungated priority parking lot. Postponed discussion until someone in director’s office finds out how many teachers want to park there. Also discussing parking meters. The resident parking on Desoto East possibly changed to priority lot was tabled until next week. Need to decide how many handicap spaces can be put on that street, possibly half handicap and other half resident. Also discussion over charging all university departments that have company vehicles for priority parking; not done in the past, but will be done now. Email any problems, complaints to Michelle Stout and she will make sure the traffic and parking committee sees each one. There was confusion over who pays; the department would pay not the employee. Michelle Stout’s email is Michelle will ask Wade Jackson and/or Diane Hale to speak in October.
  • IT Planning and Policy Council – Michelle Stout – no report
  • IT Administrative Advisory Committee – Marie Dockter – no report
  • Space Planning – Marie Dockter – no report
  • Safety – James Singleton – no report
  • Food Services and Dining Committee – Regenia Ayers – no report
  • Public Records – Jane Orcholski – no report
  • Fee Refunds and Appeals – Beverly McMillan – no report
  • UPDATE Meeting – Cathy Philpot – no report
  • Public Relations Committee – Chris Powless – no report
8. New Business – Discussion on Faculty Senate Boycott of Recreational Facilities ensued.

Comment made that Chucalissa Museum has a zero-based budget and lets faculty and staff in free. New senators were brought up to date about the campus recreation fees. Several senators had polled their constituents. There was discussion over responses. One comment was if the rates were raised then it should be kept clean and better hours for employees during times when classes were out. The Campus Recreation Center had free access for the month of September. It was brought up that this is not based on the Campus Recreation Center as much as it is on the principle. The fee was raised 300%. Health Insurance has gone up, parking has gone up and the small raise received has once again disappeared. The other problem is one with employee morale. This facility being free of charge to faculty and staff would be an ideal morale booster showing the university is concerned about the wellness of its employees in light of the budget situation facing the State of Tennessee with regards to getting decent pay raises. There was a motion to stop discussion. It was seconded and approved. A motion was made to support the faculty senate and boycott the campus recreation center and recommend that the staff boycott also. There was a motion for a roll call vote. It was seconded and approved. The roll call vote was done with 24 members voting yes, 8 members abstaining, and 4 members said no. It was approved to support the faculty senate in the boycott of the campus recreation center.

*The Roll Call Vote listed after minutes.

Dr. Wasileski is still expected to speak to the Staff Senate in November.

9. President’s Remarks – Kathy Kolby will be sending letters of congratulations to the Career Association for a well done job Staff Appreciation Day. The reception for Dr. Smith is September 26. The next meeting on selection of a new President is set for the 18th of October. Kathy will let us know what happens. New President of the Staff Senate will present Kathy’s Annual Report of the Staff Senate for fiscal year 99-00 at the Annual Administrative Retreat being held in October.

10. Nomination and Election of Officers – The new officers are:

  • President – Maurice Williams
  • Vice President - Jim Selbe
  • Secretary - Jennifer Joyner
  • Coordinator of Membership - Virginia Huss
The officers cited the Officer's Pledge of Office.. Maurice announced he would ask someone to serve in a parliamentary position in the near future.

11. The Staff Senate received football tickets. The UT game tickets were used as a door prize for the Staff Appreciation Day and the other three sets had a drawing done by Kathy Kolby, President. The tickets were won by Virginia Huss, Teresa Weaver, and Regenia Ayers.

12. Meeting was adjourned.
Next scheduled meeting: October 19, 2000
Recorded by Jennifer Joyner,


Senators: Present, Excused or Absent

Support Motion: Yes, No, Abstain

Acor, Jack Present Yes
Andrews, Sally Present Abstain
Awsumb, Helen (Cathy) Excused -
Ayers, Regina Present Abstain
Baker, Jennifer Present Abstain
Barnett, Susie Present No
Bassford, Ruthie Present Yes
Bumpus, Sharon Present Yes
Carman, Gary Present Yes
Cash, Pam Present -
Cook, Kathy Present Yes
Crone, Sherry Absent -
Dockter, Marie Excused -
Duhart, Senese Excused -
Edwards, Laura Present No
Farrell, John Absent -
Flowers, Lorene Present Abstain
Forrester, Rick Excused -
Frix, Rosemary Present Yes
Fuller, Brenda Excused -
Green, Mark Absent -
Harris, Mary Absent -
Humphrey, Diana Present Yes
Huss, Virginia Present Yes
Jones, Richard Present Yes
Joyner, Jennifer Present Yes
MacDonald, Ronald Present Yes
Marese, Barbara Present Abstain
Martin, Amy Present Yes
Mayes, Jann Excused -
Mayes, Larry Present Yes
McCoy, Becky Present Yes
McMillan, Beverly Present Abstain
Melton, John Present Yes
Montague, James Present Yes
Morganfield, Janice Absent -
Orcholski, Jane Present Abstain
Orio, Edward Excused -
Paine, Ricky Present Yes
Philpot, Cathy Present Yes
Powless, Chris Excused -
Selbe, Jim Present Yes
Short, Patty Present No
Singleton Present Yes
Smith, Vanessa Present No
Stout, Michelle Present Abstain
Taylor, Marcia Present Yes
Weaver, Teresa Present Yes
Williams, Maurice Present Yes
Wilson, Faye Present Yes
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