Staff Senate
Meeting Minutes for September 2003

Present: Leslie Bowen, Scott Beck, Paul Cade, Pam Cash, Gary Carmen, Diane Cooper, Shirley Cowley, Sherry Crone, Laura Edwards, Verlina Franklin, Brad Frewin, Frances Frazier, Caryl Gray, Mary Haddock, Sharon Harber, Linda Harris, Jean Honey, David Horan, William Jason Jr., Carol Laney, Nancy Massey, Barbara Marese, Benjamin Moore, James Montague, Stephen Mosley, Flo O’Conner, Shelia Ogburn, Cathy Philpot, Ginny Reed, Julia Rhodes, James Rose, Hikmot Samaha, Marcy Sanford, Arlene Savage, Drew Schmitz, Nancy Stewart, Addie Stump, Faye Wilson, Martha Woods

Absent: Debra Cummings, Kelly Daniels, Senese Duhart, Maria Graham, Pamela Horvath, Samuel Hurst, Chris Kilpatrick, Laruth Lofties, Barbara Pugh, Cathy Richardville, Calvin Strong, Melody Weldon.

Call to order: 9:40am

Approval of Aug 2003 Minutes: Pres asked for a motion from the floor to approve Aug 2003 minutes.

Motion denied until following corrections are made:

1. From ITD Administrative Advisory committee: change the word ‘computers’ to applications

2. Remove the Bookstore and IT planning committees because no longer exist

Pres agreed to corrections to the August 2003 minutes called for motion from the floor to approve Aug 2003 minutes, motion made, second, approved.

Finance Committee Report: Vice President and Chair of the Finance Committee, Senator Cooper stated $21.00 was spent on the telephone service in the Staff Senate’s Office and the balance is $7,879.96.

Senator Cooper stated there was some old business we needed to discuss and apologized for not noticing the required vote of approval needed for the bottle water we brought for the Dorm Move In 2003.  Motion was made by the floor, second, approved.

Senator Cooper discussed the Staff Senate needed new stationery, 500 envelopes and 500 copies of stationery with one color of blue costing $179.50 or 2 colors blue and gray costing $239.50.

Pres Rose stated the only stationery the Staff Senate has is from copies and if the Staff Senate should have to send out any corresonpdence it should look professional.

After much discussion from the floor, questions for Sen Cooper of which would be cost effective for the Staff Senate, 1000 copies which may be cheaper than 500 copies and to recap the amount the Staff Senate would have to pay for both or each of the envelopes and stationery. Sen Cooper recapped the amounts listed and colors listed above.

Pres Rose asked for a motion to purchase 1000 copies of Staff Senate envelopes and stationery at whatever cost paid by Chair of Finance Committee/ V- P Cooper. Motion made from the floor, second, approved.

Sen Cooper stated we would need a motion from the floor to pay for Pres Rose’s Staff Senate’s parking, Pres Rose said he was alright with the fact of the Staff Senate not paying for the President of the Staff Senate parking for 2003-2004  because he really didn’t need it. Call for a motion from the floor withdrawn.

Sen Cooper stated she had a copy of the new Staff Senate’s pen and would need approval from the floor to order 150, at a cost of $383.00, so all the Staff Senators would have one. Senator Cooper stated she would pass the pen around and the Senate will take a vote on it after everyone has taken a look at it.

Sen Cooper stated the Executive Board agreed to disconnect the telephone line in the Staff Senate’s Office because it’s never in use. It would save the Staff Senate $252.00 a year.

Pres Rose stated he didn’t see the need for approval since it was not spending money but saving it and if for some reason in the future there is a need for a telephone one could be reinstalled at a later date and if someone need to use his telephone he would be more happy to allow  them to. Pres Rose asked if there were any questions or discussions from the floor. None.

Pres Rose stated at future meetings V- P Cooper will read off all expenses to be approved by the Senate and if there is a routine item in question the Senate will discuss and vote if agreed to change or keep as is.

Vote on routine financial expenses $100.00 or less-2003-2004:    Pres Rose asked Sen Cash to comment on their earlier discussion about the Staff Senate Office spending because he believed she had some good points to share.

Sen Cash stated she believe if the V-P would need to  spend money on routine/necessary items, copying, paper, etc… of running the Staff Senate office she need to be able to do that and $100.00 doesn’t seem like it would be enough.

Pres Rose asked Sen Cash to give an estimate of how much it would cost for the processing of nominations and elections for a cluster? Sen Cash stated she didn’t have the figure for one cluster but for all of them the cost run $1000.00-$2000.00.     

Pres Rose asked Sen Bowen how were the past elections for 2003-2004 held?

Sen Bowen stated mostly email and there were some that had to have mail outs but email process is a lot cheaper and agreed with Sen Cash the $100 spending limit is to low to run the Staff Senate Office.

Pres Rose stated he agreed and we elected our Finance Chair and he has enough trust in her to run the Staff Senate Office in a responsible financial manner and just want to make sure the Staff Senate is being kept informed on what the monies are being spent on but also want to get some structure on what needs to be done in an orderly manner so he will be able to run the Staff Senate smoothly      

Sen Crone stated if the monies that need to be spent is on the everyday normal routine/necessary items of the running of the Staff Senate Office, there shouldn’t be a problem with V-P Cooper taking care of them but if there are anything extra such as pens the body should have to vote on it.  

Sen Horan agreed but the normal expenses should go up to $400.00 and should be handled without discussion.

Pres Rose stated he agrees that V-P Cooper should be able to spend monies on the necessary items to run the Staff Senate Office without getting approval because it’ll be just the normal running of the office. Pres Rose stated we elected a Chair and a Finance Committee to handle any problems that may come up and communication will be given out every month to the Staff Senate.

Sen Carmen stated he has served on the Election Committee before and if we can do elections by email that would save the Staff Senate a lot of money.

 Pres Rose agreed email is a cheaper way to hold elections and it’s a confirmation it was sent out.

 Pres Rose stated Chair Sen Duhart could not make the meeting but will get with her and make sure all of this information needed to help make the new elections run smoothly.

Pres Rose said he would like a motion from the floor that whatever monies is needed to run the Staff Senate’s Office, not setting an amount, V-P Cooper will do it but any other items that Staff Senate may need will be brought to the Senate for approval. Motion made, second, approved the motion that “all ordinary and reasonable necessary expenses will be done at the V-P’s discretion to run the Staff Senate Office during the 2003-2004 year.”  

Pres Rose asked for a motion to purchase 150 Staff Senate pens at $383.00 motion made from floor, second, approved.

Pres Rose stated we need not discuss the approval of batteries and tape since they are routine/necessary items needed by the Staff Senate Office to operate.

Report on UC Renovation Meeting: Sen Rhodes reported: The U of  M has hired Brailsford and Dunleavey to work on the Renovation Project of the UC. The project should start November or December 2004 if everything goes as planned. The Consultants asked us to put together a focus group. The focus group met Tuesday with 16 Faculty and Staff members in attendance, 9 where Staff members and represented the Staff very well and appreciate everyone who had the opportunity to attend and assistance. The focus will be mainly on positive ideas/things of what people thought needed to be done on the Renovation Project, improved or totally eliminated. Renovations such as new doors in different locations of the UC, acoustics, upgrade of furnishings, and some of everything in between. Right now things are still in the planning stage.

Pres Rose asked if anyone had any questions from the floor for Sen Rhodes? None. Pres Rose stated he appreciated the report and everyone who was involved. He sent 2 of his constitutes because he had another appointment scheduled for the same day and same time. Getting involved and getting our constitutes involved in these kind of campus meetings is what Staff Senate is all about. When there are other meetings on campus we should encourage the person sitting next to us to participate. This way we would get more Staff involved and they can take some ownership of what is going on around them on campus. We need to make sure the Staff voice is being heard and get the point out that the Staff cares about what goes on, on our campus.

Report on City Elections:   Pres Rose stated he has been working with Sen Cage and has spoken to Mark Stansberry about the City Elections. Early voting start Sept 19 and the general Election will be held Oct 9, 2003. Don’t get the Memphis City Election dates missed up with the Elections in CA. District 5 seem to be the hot race going right now, getting a lot of attention.  District 5 has Carol Chumney, and George Flinn running and both are Alumnus of the U of M and both are Attorneys and he has worked with both them.

Pres Rose stated he and Mark Stansberry talked about Chumney and Flinn. The other candidates running in District 5 race are Mark Follis Jr., Jim Strickland, and Kerrie White. District 1 has EC Jones running for re-election against W.B. Bates II, and Wyatt Bunker.  Pres Rose stated he and Mark wanted to get the message out that whoever you chose make sure you keep in touch with them by email, telephone, fax, or mail about the Central Ave Project. We need to let them know the Central Ave Project is one of the top items of interest to the Staff as well as the Administration and we’re just trying to make sure we have their continue support and the City for the bridge(s) projects, on Central Ave.  Possible construction may start as early as this winter.   Pres Rose stated he would like to see the speed limit lowered but know that is not going to happen. He stated he remembered and have a copy of the Helmsman about a story written about a student in 1995 killed on Central Ave. The surrounding streets speed limit is 25-30 miles an hour while Central Ave speed limit is 45.  Pres Rose stated he and Mark agreed we need to let candidates know that the safety of Central Ave is very important to us. Pres Rose stated don’t forget the Mayors race which maybe close and we all know that all the Districts races are important and we all have to vote to make a difference

Pres Rose asked if there were any questions about the City elections and to remember he did email a list of candidates in their Districts and District maps. For example, there are 2 crucial Districts, 8 and 9, and everyone has 4 council members, three in your own District, 1-7, and one from District 8 or 9.

Pres Rose asked if any questions from floor? None.

Report on Dental Benefits:  Pres Rose asked Sen Montague to report on findings from Human Resources.

Sen Montague stated he talked to the Mgr. of Benefits in The Department of Human Resources, Harriet Montgomery, and she stated the State Officials are getting prepared to meet with Dental Insurance companies before the end of the year and will inform the Staff of their findings, if there will be a increase in premiums, by the end of year as well. Pres Rose stated he asked Sen Montague to check into the Dental preiumns and if there is a change Sen Montague will get the information and pass it on to the Senate.

Committee Appointments: Pres Rose stated he received a letter from Mr. Lee’s office:

Facilities and Services:         Chair Martin Lipinski: Senate members are Crone and  Carman

Fee Refund and Appeals:     Chair Colis Chambers: Senate member William Jason Jr.

Ad hoc Bylaws Committee: Chair Ginny Reed, Senate members Cash and Honey.           

Pres Rose stated the Executive Board agreed to allow the Ad hoc Bylaws Committee to add the Legistration Advisory Committee as a Standing Committee of the Staff Senate and to do that the Staff Senate would need someone to draft a change to the language in Article 7 of the Bylaws. Pres Rose stated the Bylaws does state the President can appoint a Ad hoc Committee and he has appointed Sen Reed as Chair of that Committee with members Sen Cash and Sen Honey. Pres Rose asked Sen Reed if there were other members on the Committee? Sen Reed, no. Pres Rose stated he believed this is a great Committee and a good number to help serve on the Bylaws Committee. Pres Rose stated the Ad hoc Committee would get together and at a later date report back to the Senate in the coming months. Sen Cage is Chair of the Legistrative Advisory Committee and he will be working with him and his Committee in the near future.

Committee Reports:

Issues and Review: Senate Chair Horan stated no meeting yet but would like for the members present to stay a few minutes after the meeting to agreed on what would be a good day and time for a meeting. Pres Rose stated to keep him posted and he had received some emails about giving the Issues and Review Committee more issues but there are only 4 members on the Committee and at this point is not aware if Chair Horan is interested in getting any new members but he has already given the Committee a lot of issues to work on the rest of the year. If there are any more issues brought to the Senate don’t be suprised if you are asked to work on the project yourself. He would check with Chair Horan first and get back in touch with you before assigning any duties.

Pres Rose stated the whole Staff Senate would be involved this year and he hope to get a lot accomplished and expect a lot out of the Committee and Staff Senate to assist as well.

Election: SenateChair Duhart- absent

Pres Rose stated 2 Senators has resigned, Graham and Lofties, he has asked that those seats be filled and Chair is working on that and he stay in touch with her and see what clusters they are in but the Committee would decide to elect new Senators or chose from a nominee who run from the same election pool. If there are any more Senators that need to be replaced the Committee will take care of those slots as well.

Public Records: Chair Linda Heide:SenateChair Samaha – no report

Campus Safety and Security: Chair not sure yet: Senate Chair Mosley – no report

Sen Cooper stated a man was arrested sleeping in a building and had a lot of credit cards and ID that wasn’t his. We need to all be careful with our personnel information and belongings because we never know who is walking around our campus and in our buildings.

Pres Rose stated had similar issues going on in the Law Building and we need to make sure we keep our personal information in a safe place and make sure our Students don’t leave their information out for others to steal.

Traffic and Parking Authority:  Chair Wade Jackson: Senate Chair Weldon absent.

Sen Cooper stated they would have their first meeting Tuesday.

Fee Refund and Appeals: Chair Chambers:Senate Chair Jason Jr- no report.

ITD Administrative Advisory: Chair Margie Stoever:Senate Chair Philpot stated SAC met on 9-5-03 and activities are going well and they are getting ready for 72 Committees to examine everything from the Legal department to Academic programs at the U of M and each Committee will have at least 8 members which all should have their report ready by 2005.

Regents Online Program contract has been awarded to The U of M and so far they are 4,000 students enrolled in 7,000 classes on line. This program has grown faster than expected and more students are expected to go on line for their degrees.

The virus that came to campus brought all the departments down and everyone should be up and running by now.  An auto Spam filter came out and mark incoming Spam type email, but there still are a lot of questions on how to download it and get it to work. Everyone should have gotten an email with a link on information on the Spam filter. 

After many suggestions from the floor – do not reply to Spam mail that asks you to type in your email address if you want to be removed from their mailing list because that is just verification that your email is a good email, just don’t open it and delete it.

Sen Philpot stated that 319 students were dropped from classes for nonpayment this year compared to 200 last year. The Registration office sent out letters this year to the Professors about students purged from their classes however, the line of communications were lost the notices stayed in the Professors boxes. Now the departments are aware of the new report the Professors will receive them.

Sen Philpot stated The U of M has gotten a new ID system to replace the old one and is still is ironing out some of the problems.

Pres Rose asked for any questions for Sen Philpot? None.

Space Planning: Senate Chair Stewart – no report.

New Business: Pres Rose asked if anyone not getting his emails and Janet Mitchell, from the President’s Office, would like to be included in minutes going out to Staff Senators as well, Pres Rose no problem.

Sen Carman stated he would need volunteers to help with Staff Appreciation Day and Feed the Need Program just call or email him if you like to volunteer.

Sen Harris stated open enrollment for your Benefits will be Oct 15 – Nov 15.

Pres Rose stated any volunteers please call or email Sen Carman and look over your Benefits and if there are any changes please do them between the open enrollment period.

Pres Rose stated he would like to thank all of the Senators today for attending and need a motion to adjourn

Motion made from floor, second, approved

Meeting adjourned at 10:30am

Next meeting Oct 16, 2003 at 9:30 in University Center Room 404!!!

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