Staff Senate
Meeting Minutes for September 2005

8:30 AM

Senators Present: Andrews, Margaret; Barham, Mitch; Beck, Scott; Bekis, Barbara; Boyce, Susan; Bagdon, Rebecca; Bronson, Terrence; Cade, Paul; Carman, Gary; Clarkson, Amanda; Copeland, Ruby; Daniel, Ashley; Featherstone, Carolyn; Fitzgerald, Peggy; Fullwood, Ann; Hawkins, Yolanda; Hawkins, Roy Jr.; Hurley, Nancy; Istre, Penni; Johnson, Mary; Lim; Lorrean; Mosly, Stephen; O’Bryan, Kathryn; Patterson, Melodie; Swinger, Sandra; Taylor-Strowder, Ora; Turner, Debra; Wheeler, Helen; Woods, Keeya; Young-Taylor, Geraldine; McMillan, Bev; Channell, Jessica

Senators Not Present: Ballard, Evell; Ballentine, Jeanett; Blake, Margo; Bowen, Leslie; Briggs, Angela; Butler, Brenda; Cantler, Edwin; Claunch, Reba; Crawford, Deborah; Laney, Carol; Lott, Ruby; McArthur, James; Merrit, Rebecca Abernathy; Raiteri, Elizabeth; Stewart, Nancy; Wilson, Deborah Farrior; Mason, C.E.; Fair, Angela

Minutes for the September 15th meeting.

The meeting was called to order by President Beck.

Everyone was asked if the minutes had been received. Everyone had received the minutes. Minutes were approved and seconded

Certificates had been made and were distributed to all outgoing senators, as well as the President, Virginia Huss. She was presented with a gavel as well. All senators that were present had received their certificates. All who were not there will be contacted, or some senators that were present received the certificates on their behalves.

Executive Committee Reports:

President’s Report (Senator Beck): Katrina relief fund. The University of Memphis has collected about $35,000. The amount collected at the football game was about $14, 500 dollars.

President Beck informed the senators that if any constituents asked about the child care policy on campus, let them know that it’s under review. The university is looking to change some of the verbiage, or at least looking to rewrite the policy to make it more understandable. This policy is actually in reference to having children on campus. The University is also looking into child “care” policy.

Vice President’s Finance Report (Senator Johnson): Balance is $3942.76. Staff Senate spent $325 for water & ice for the welcoming of new/old students back to the University for the Fall 2005 semester. There was also $52.50 spent, $9 for keys and a reoccurring fee of $27.41 for parking on campus for staff senate parking, or for staff senate purposes. All gate access.

There were questions as to where the office was located. The office is located at 114 Browning Hall. We moved in officially in March. Actual physical move in was in June. We have a desk, furniture, chairs. The conference room is across the hall. Since no one is staffed there, we will hold off on phone and computer expenses. Also we are looking in to getting student workers or someone on works study, or someone in a permanent position. We are hoping to get into it fairly quickly, due to re-electing new people to staff. Those people need to go thru spectrum training. A permanent person would train the new people.

Secretary’s Report (Senator Patterson): No report. Just thanks to all who did send in information concerning absences.

Membership report (Senator Barham): No report

There were three members who had not been sworn in. They were sworn in during this meeting.

Public Relations Report: Prior to the report, there was a question as to how to fill a position for those who move from one cluster to another. In that case, they are no longer on the staff senate and a replacement must be found. Usually, the membership committee and chairperson go back to election ballots and view the next highest recipient of votes. Then that person is asked to fill that position, or the committee moves down the line until the position is filled. If the person does not move out of the cluster, then they remain on the senate.

Then President Beck asked for volunteers for the public relations chairperson. He asked for nominations and the question was asked if it was an executive committee position, which it is. A motion to take nominations was made, and followed with a vote in the next month’s meeting. Then there was a second for the motion.

Web site/IT report: No report

No university wide reports.

There was a question as to who to contact for the committees. The senators were told to contact the offices of the committees. The campus safety & security committee, however, it’s inactive for this year. As for the others, there were questions as to who is on what committee.

President Beck and Senator Bekis met with Dr. Ford about the issues and review committee, at the library, and was pleased with the returned information. Also request that if there are any issues, please e-mail Senator Barbara Bekis.

Questions as to what is the responsibility of senators: The senators are to represent the entire body of the staff on the university, and asked to bring forth issues to the senate and come to a better conclusion for the issue. Also distinguish between personal and university issues.

President Beck asked to meet with the ad hoc committee.

It was reported that as the university continues to work with the displaced students from Hurricane Katrina, the people appear to be very appreciative of our efforts to make them feel welcomed. There are many students who are enrolled in classes now since we’ve started taking applications from the Katrina students. As for displaced faculty, the responsibility has been placed upon our faculty members to contact others as far as assisting them to find teaching positions at other schools.

Before the meeting was adjourned, we returned to the motion to nominate a Public Relations chairperson. Thought it was better to do it at that time rather than in October.

Nominated Sandy Swinger

Nominated Gary Carman, but he declined. There was a question asked if there could be co-coordinators on working together.

Moved to vote today, but there were no more nominations, and only one person nominated. A motion was made to elect Senator Sandy Swinger for public relations chair, and the motion was seconded.

No other business was brought forward. Meeting was adjourned. Motion moved and seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Melodie V. Patterson

Staff Senate Secretary

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