Mission of Student Affairs

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The Mission of Student Affairs is to foster student learning and promote student success through engagement and involvement in community, academics, diversity and leadership.

Core Values: LEADERS

Learning: Establishing and articulating high expectations for student learning
Excellence: Modeling excellence in all that we do
Assessment: Making decisions on the basis of data.
Diversity: Living well together in a diverse world
Ethical Leadership: Developing leaders who demonstrate responsibility and integrity
Relationships: Building connections within and beyond our community
Spirit: Promoting enthusiasm, passion and a sense of belonging that inspires Tiger pride


  1. Increase student retention and timely graduation
    • Each department will track retention and graduation rates for a target population. This allows us to establish baseline and projection data for programs, and also demonstrates how Student Affairs contributes to the University Strategic Plan's goal of increased student persistence and timely graduation.
  2. Strengthen student connection to the University community
    • Increase the number of students participating in key co-curricular activities and programs including:
      • Student Activities Council
      • Student Government/Freshman Senate
      • Frosh Camp
      • Fraternity and Sorority Life
      • Minority Student Organizations
      • Adult & Commuter Student Services
      • Intramural sports
      • Leadership programs
      • Community Service participants and hours
      • Number of & Students involved in Registered Student Organizations
  3. Cultivate a respectful and intellectually stimulating campus environment
    • Measured by EBI Climate Assessment
    • Civility campaign
  4. Create a service-oriented campus culture in all units
    • Each department will measure customer satisfaction and/or evaluate processes to ensure a service-orientation
  5. Help students to lead lives of purpose

Student Affairs Vision for Students

Understanding and Managing Self

Engaging Others in a Diverse World

Succeeding as a Professional

Develop and apply knowledge of self, including personality, values, interests and aptitudes

Establish a connection to the University of Memphis

Apply academic and co-curricular content to real-world contexts through experiential learning

Enhance competence to make ethical decisions, think critically, and live with integrity

Develop an inclusive and interactive community focusing on understanding and respect of individual and group differences

Identify, develop and articulate competencies necessary to succeed in one's chosen field

Demonstrate autonomy and personal responsibility

Become engaged citizens locally and globally

Understand the importance of life-long learning

Enhance physical, psychological, interpersonal and spiritual well-being

Develop skills to manage and solve problems

Demonstrate effective leadership skills

Possess appropriate self-efficacy

Demonstrate civility

Understand the concept of professional identity and develop appropriate professional behaviors