Pyramid Award Recipients

Those in bold are not eligible to be nominated at this time. Nominees cannot have been recipients in the last five years.






Peggy Ball   Residence Life & Dining Services   2016
Edna Nelson**   Residence Life & Dining Services   2016
Vanessa Muldrow   Commencement   2015
Jackie Webb   Career Services   2015
Janet Robbins*    Student Support Programs    2014
Madeline Simington   Student Development   2014
Dan Bureau   Student Affairs Learning & Assessment   2013
Kay Pierce*   University Center/Rose Theatre   2013
Jacqueline De Fouw   Student Health Services   2012
Lorna Horishny   Center for Counseling, Learning, & Testing   2012
Michael Carter   Student Affairs   2011
Waddel Jones**   Residence Life & Dining Services   2011
Suzanne Fenech*   Campus Recreation Intramural Services   2010
Leila Schroeder*   Student Leadership & Involvement   2010
Pat Prahalathan   Student Affairs   2009
Heather Hampton*   Adult & Commuter Student Services   2009
Aretha Milligan   Residence Life & Dining Services   2008
Gina Moore*   Student Success Programs   2008
James Cox*   University Center/Rose Theatre   2007
Yulonda Settles*   Residence Life & Dining Services   2007
Peter Groenendyk*   Residence Life & Dining Services   2006
Joyce Crout   Testing Center   2006
Clay Woemmel   Career Service   2005
Jeanett Ballentine   Student Development   2005
Brett Foxx**   Career Counseling   2004
Julia Rhodes   Dean of Students Office   2004
Dona Sparger**   Disability Resources for Students   2003
Becky Terry**   VP Office   2003
Lonnie Latham**   Multicultural Affairs   2002
Nelda Scruggs   Disability Resources for Students   2002
Nan Grosmaire**   Student Leadership & Involvement   Fall 2001
Dru Welch*   Applicant Services   Fall 2001
Bonita Lyons**   Academic Status & Retention   Summer 2001
LaRuth Lofties*   University Center/Rose Theatre   Summer 2001
Jay Anderson*   University Center/Rose Theatre   Fall 2000
Ruby Haywood   Residence Life & Dining Services   Fall 2000
Dianne Vantilburg**   Educational Support Programs   Summer 2000
Elizabeth McNeil*   Disability Resources for Students   Summer 2000
Sherry Weakley*   Career & Employment Services   Fall 1999
Kathy Story*   Judicial & Ethical Programs   Fall 1999
Malinda McDaniel**   Student Relations & Orientation   Summer 1999
Hikmat Samaha**   Center for Student Development   Summer 1999
Kathy Atkinson**   Scholarships   Fall 1998
Norma Price**   Student Relations & Orientation   Fall 1998
Nancy Sellers**   Office of the Registrar   Summer 1998
Barbara Bekis   Educational Support Programs   Summer 1998
Glenda Barton   Residence Life & Dining Services   Fall 1997
Colis Chambers   Student Affairs & Enrollment Services   Fall 1997
Bill Akey*   Enrollment Services   Summer 1997
Belinda Scott*   Student Activities   Summer 1997
Beverly Jennings*   Greek Affairs   Fall 1996
Carl Gilleylenn**   Psychological Counseling Unit   Fall 1996
Vicki Black**   Center for Student Development-Testing   Summer 1996
Susan Te Paske   Disability Resources for Students   Summer 1996
Linda Hall   Minority Affairs   Fall 1995
Jane Clement   Psychological Counseling Unit   Fall 1995
Will Phillips*   Residence Life & Dining Services   Summer 1995
Dot Moss-Hale*   Athletic Academic Services   Summer 1995
Diane Cooper**   Health Services   Fall 1994
Carol Brown*   Disability Resources for Students   Fall 1994


*No longer in the division