Office of Student Conduct
Office of Student Conduct
Office of Student Conduct
Office of Student Conduct

Upholding fairness, honesty and integrity.


The Office of Student Conduct at the University of Memphis advocates for student rights and promotes academic and personal success.


The Office of Student Conduct administers the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities and other student policies, including academic dishonesty, classroom disruptive behavior, peer-to-peer sexual harassment, sexual assault, and student organizations. Our responsibilities include investigating complaints filed against students, referring students for academic and personal counseling services, administrative adjudication of cases, and monitoring student completion of sanctions. We provide student ethical programming addressing issues of academic integrity, civility, and dispute resolution.

Guiding Principles

Maintain an environment which is conducive to academic success
Promote a safe and secure campus by protecting the rights of all members of the University of Memphis community
Encourage students to assume self and social responsibility
Provide opportunities for individual growth and development
Enhance student decision making and conflict resolution skills
Advance the development of student ethical values

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