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Academic Misconduct Process/Procedures

Plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited. Students guilty of academic misconduct, either directly or indirectly, through participation or assistance, are immediately responsible to the instructor of the class in addition to other possible disciplinary sanctions which may be imposed through the regular institutional disciplinary procedures.

An instructor who believes a student has committed an act of academic misconduct shall notify the student in writing of the basis for the belief and allow the student five (5) business days to respond to the allegation. The student shall respond to the allegation by scheduling a meeting with the instructor to discuss the matter. After meeting with the student to review the alleged misconduct, the instructor has two options: (a) they may make a decision regarding appropriate action, or (b) they may refer the matter to the Academic Integrity Committee.

Summary Discipline - If, after the student has had the opportunity to respond to the alleged violation, the instructor finds sufficient evidence exists to conclude that a violation did occur; the instructor may make a decision regarding the appropriate penalty. The instructor may issue a failing or diminished grade for the course or issue a failing or diminished grade on the assignment or examination in question. The instructor will communicate their decision to the Chair of the Department within five (5) business days of their meeting with the student. After receiving notice of the action taken, the Chair will then notify the student of the instructor’s decision within five (5) business days.

Academic Integrity Committee - Rather than making a decision, the instructor may instead choose to defer disciplinary action to the Academic Integrity Committee. At this meeting, both the student and the instructor will be invited to present to provide information to support their case. The Academic Integrity Committee may issue a failing or diminished grade for the course or issue a failing or diminished grade on the assignment or examination in question.

At the conclusion of the disciplinary process, all decisions regarding acts of academic misconduct will be communicated to the Office of Student Conduct.

Once a student has been accused of an act of academic misconduct, the student may not drop or withdraw from the class until such time as the matter has been resolved.   A student found responsible for academic misconduct is not permitted to withdraw from the course to avoid summary discipline.

In cases where more than one student is suspected of academic misconduct, each student’s case will be adjudicated separately.

Students found responsible for multiple acts of academic misconduct may be subject to further disciplinary action including suspension from the University. In the event the sanction is suspension or expulsion from the University, the student will have the choice to appeal the decision pursuant to the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act (TUAPA).



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