Student Leadership and Professional Competencies

Student Leadership & Professional Competencies

A student engaged through Student Leadership and Involvement will be exposed to a variety of experiences that will enhance what they learn in the classroom. Student Leadership & Involvement and Career Services has identified the following learning clusters that our students should strive to develop in through their varied experiences.

SLPC Graphic

  • Teamwork & Collaboration: Students will understand and demonstrate the importance of working with others effectively.
  • Learning & Reasoning: Students will understand and demonstrate the importance of gathering data to make informed decisions. 
  • Professional & Strategic Planning: Students will be able to project their professional brand, demonstrate effective work habits, and set goals for leadership in college and in their intended career field.
  • Communication & Digital Technology: Students will be able to communicate in a multitude of ways including through use of existing and new technologies
  • Self-Awareness & Personal Behavior : Students will be able to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and ways to develop while being a person of integrity.
  • Leadership & Civic Responsibility : Students will be able to guide a group to reach a common goal and understand their contributions to their community.

Tracking Competency Growth

Students can track their development across the Student Leadership & Professional Competencies through reflections in the Experience feature of Tiger Zone.  Tracking competency growth allows students to reflect on how their involvement experiences support their co-curricular learning and contribute to their post-collegiate professional life.

Track your competency growth here!

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