The LeaderShape® Institute 

The LeaderShape® Institute is an intensive, energizing, integrity-based educational experience designed help students develop a vision for a just, caring, and thriving world.  Up to 60 students can participate in our campus-based session of the Institute.

Much of the week's work is done in small groups called "Family Clusters," which create a safe, supportive learning environment that allows participants to work together, form close friendships, and benefit from new perspectives. Each student in the cluster works to define their personal vision - an extraordinary commitment to changing or contributing to the world in a positive way.

Based on that vision, participants then develop a blueprint for the action that they will undertake when they return home - with the objective of effecting meaningful, measurable change in their organization during the next 9-12 months. With the guidance of LeaderShape® facilitators, participants complete a blueprint that identifies the goals, relationships, and action steps that are essential to the project's success.

Dynamic, challenging, and exciting, the week is intended to produce a breakthrough in the leadership capacity of participants - benefiting the students themselves, their respective organizations, and the institutions that they will go on to lead and serve in the future.