Starting a Registered Student Organization

Can't find an organization that fits you?

You could register your own student organization. In order to register as a student organization you will need: 

  • 10 current student members
  • If you can't quite get 10, ask us about Provisional Status
  • Lambuth campus organizations need 6 members
  • A Constitution and/or Bylaws for your organization/chapter [review the Registration Checklist & Model Constitution here for requirements]
  • Faculty/staff advisor [Must be a fulltime faculty or staff member]

After that, you will need to register in Tiger ZoneTiger Zone is your one-stop shop for involvement at the UofM! To register your organization, follow the instructions below. 

Before you start registration

Be sure to have the following:

  • a digital version of your constitution/bylaws available
  • the UofM email addresses of your officers, advisor and members (must be "")
  • your advisor sign and email you the Advisor Verification Form (follow link). You will need to be able to upload it to the system.

How to register

  • Go to the Tiger Zone site at
  • "Sign In" using your UofM username and password (same as university email)
  • Click the "Organizations" tab in the top right corner of the screen
  • Click "Register a New Organization" on the bottom left
  • Fill out as directed
  • On "Roster" Page (page 5), you will need to click the "Add Member List" tab and add at least 10 student members (6 for Lambuth and 3 for Provisional Status.)

Registration Pointers

  • Fields without asterisks are not required. You can go back later and complete those fields.
  • Your "Organization Description" will be where the system pulls keywords for searches. The more descriptive you are, the easier it will be for students to find your organization
  • When it asks for "Organization Website url", it is asking for what you want to show after the slash "/" in your Tiger Zone url. (example "sac"; the url will be provided, but the "/sac" will be added to the end like so:
  • When entering your Officers, they will show up twice, once as an Officer and once as a Member. That is ok, but please make sure you are not counting the person twice toward your 10 members.
  • The Advisor will also show up as a Member, but should not count toward the 10 members.
  • If you have questions or problems, please email or call (901) 678.8679.