Giving back to the community

Giving back to the community is an expression of gratitude for what others have invested in you. Your talents can help make our community a better place, while giving you the tools you need to build your future. By participating in community service programs, you can:

  • Meet Others and Form Relationships - Meet fellow students, staff & faculty volunteers; become acquainted with staff at non-profits; get to know individuals being served
  • Get Experience and Invest in Your Future - Get practical experience in your chosen field; Gain leadership & communication skills; Learn a skill to become more well-rounded; Build portfolios and references for your future career
  • Learn about Yourself and Others - Get to know yourself while learning about people who are different from you
  • Give Back - Make an impact on the lives of others and better our community!
  • Build Memories - Get experiences that will give you stories for years to come

Many community service opportunities are available for students, staff and faculty. Most programs involve a low time commitment and count toward service hours on campus. This web site will give you information on various programs to get you connected in the community.

Alternative Spring Break

This year students served in St. Louis, MO and Gatlinburg, TN for Alternative Spring Break from March 6-10.  See their stories and reflections here!