SUAPP Dual Degrees

SUAPP expands students' education, professional preparation and career opportunities through dual graduate degree programs. Students enrolled in SUAPP dual degree programs can simultaneously pursue a second master's degree in two complementary fields. To facilitate dual degree paths, up to 20 percent of the total combined credits required for the two degree programs can be shared. (Regulations can be found in the Graduate Catalog)

Pairing a two graduate degrees allows students to develop a particular specialization or to simply broaden their perspective. The ability to apply certain credits to both degrees makes it easy. Students may pursue a second degree in any program that meets their education needs, and advisors within each degree program can help you craft an appropriate path.

Dual degree options within SUAPP include:

  • Social Work and City and Regional Planning
  • City and Regional Planning and Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice and Public and Nonprofit Administration
  • Public and Nonprofit Administration and Social Work
  • Social Work and Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • City and Regional Planning and Public and Nonprofit Administration

For information, contact the Graduate Coordinators of the dual degrees you wish to pursue.

Graduate Coordinator Information:

City and Regional Planning, Dr. Charlie Santo: (901) 678-2161,

Criminology and Criminal Justice, Dr. Bert Burraston: (901) 678-2737,

Public and Nonprofit Administration, Dr. Sharon Wrobel: (901) 678-4720,

Social Work, Dr. Susan Neely-Barnes: (901) 678-3438,

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