SUAPP Research Centers

Center for Advancement of Youth Development (CAYD)

"The Center for Advancement of Youth Development seeks to fill the gap for youth serving organizations by providing their staff with opportunities to access high quality training, evaluation, and technical assistance without leaving the community."

Gregory Washington
Social Work

CAYD website

Center for Community Criminology and Research (CCCR)

"The CCCR serves as a clearing-house for the dissemination of information to those interested crime reduction and delinquency; offers statistical information and analysis to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of local, county, and state social justice/criminal justice systems; and facilitates professional development opportunities for social justice/criminal justice agencies at the local, county, state, and region level."

Sheri Jenkins Keenan, Coordinator
Phone: 731.425.1921

CCCR website

Center for Research on Women (CROW)

"The Center for Research on Women (CROW) has investigated issues of gender, race, class and social inequality for 30 years. An interdisciplinary unit within the College of Arts & Sciences, this thriving academic center is home to collaborative researchers committed to scholarly excellence and deep community involvement."

General email:

For information about CROW please contact Deborah Tollefsen, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at

CROW website

Public Safety Institute (PSI)

"The Public Safety Institute (PSI) at the University of Memphis is an interdisciplinary part of the university community committed to identifying and advancing best practices in the field of public safety."

Bill Gibbons
Phone: 901.678.2737

PSI website

University of Memphis Design Collaborative (UMDC)

"The University of Memphis Design Collaborative (UMDC) serves as an outreach arm of the University, focused on critical community challenges in urban design and community development. The UMDC is led by a partnership between the Department of Architecture and the Department of City & Regional Planning, however its collaborative initiatives include many other University and community partners. Through its interdisciplinary strengths, the UMDC connects design to community improvement in a comprehensive way."

Andy Kitsinger
Interim Director
Phone: 901.210.0774

UMDC website