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Philip and Pamela Donovan

Philip and Pamela DonovanPamela and I have been fortunate to be involved with the Travel Enrichment Fund of the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Memphis.

As an alumnus of the Fogelman College of Business, I found my way to the doorstep of the CAS through my friend, Dean Henry Kurtz. We got to know one another better through the CAS Advisory Board. Henry learned of Pamela and my extensive travels through this great world. Pamela and I learned that the college had a need to assist students and faculty with travel for their studies and research. This made it natural for us to get involved and initiate this assistance. The Travel Enrichment Fund was born in the spring of 2004.

Pamela and I have always been inspired to travel, possibly because of our career U.S. Marine Corps fathers having done so in service to country. We have always found the learning part of going to another culture the thing that adds meaning to life. Understanding others and their history imbues one with a sense of belonging to all mankind.

In establishing the fund, we requested that an annual luncheon be held so that recipients would present their travel stories to an audience of interested parties. We can't begin to describe the joy we have taken from these luncheons! To see young people so excited and involved in the world of learning and to see the impact that the University is having in the world is just beyond valuation. One cannot attend and not come away inspired. There is a force for good in the world seen in these students and faculty.

Pamela and I are committed to the Travel Enrichment Fund, the College of Arts and Sciences and the University of Memphis. Our lives would be much poorer without this involvement and know that you too can find your passion within the College of Arts & Sciences

All the best,

Philip F. Donovan

Dr. and Mrs. Roger Hiatt
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Hiatt
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