How much do graduate courses cost?

Visit the Bursar’s Website to view Fee Charts.

How long does the program take?

Length of the self paced program varies depending on the number of courses a student elects to take each semester. The majority of MAT students complete the program in 1-2 years.

How many hours per semester do most students take?

The majority of students take 6-12 hours per semester.

When do classes start?

You can get the answer to this question along with the answers to many other questions, like when is tuition due, when does registration open and more by looking at the Academic Calendar.

How long do I have to complete the program?

For concentrations consisting of 33 hours or less you have 6 years to complete the program. For concentrations consisting of 36 hours or more you have 8 years to complete the program. 

I work full-time. Are there many evening courses?

Yes, all courses meet in the evening one night a week or they are offered online.

Are there any prerequisite courses that must be complete before I enter the program, or do I have to have a specific degree?

There are no prerequisite courses, you just get admitted and begin the licensure courses. There also isn't a specific degree that is required. As long as you have a Bachelors degree from an accredited institution with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA you can begin the courses.

What do I need to start taking courses?

The Graduate Licensure Program Checklist will detail how to get admitted. Continue reading the FAQ’s to get more information about those options.

What are the deadlines for applying to be degree seeking in the MAT program?

April 1st for Fall     October 1st for Spring       February 1st for Summer

What tests are required to be admitted to the MAT degree and TEP?

Core Academic Skills for Educators exam (CORE) and the Praxis II Content Knowledge Exam for your licensure area. Go to the following site view tests required for the state of Tennessee.

How many times can I take it?

There is no limit on the number of times a student may take a test. Some tests have a prescribed time period before you are allowed to retake, others are only offered certain times.

Where do I sign up?

  • Visit the ETS Website to learn more about the required exams and to register for a test.
  • Please send all score reports to institution codes 1459 and 8190 and make sure to include your social with your registration information.

Can I start taking classes without taking any exams first?

Yes, you can start as a “non-degree seeking student” without taking any exams. There is no testing requirements and no deadline to start as “non-degree seeking”, however you will not qualify for financial aid. You must get admitted to the MAT degree and TEP before you complete 12 hours.

What's the difference between degree and non-degree?

Non-degree status is granted to any student who has obtained a baccalaureate degree. This status indicated that a student is taking graduate courses but not pursuing a particular master's degree. Degree seeking status is granted when a student has met all Graduate School and Departmental admissions requirements.

How do I switch from non-degree to degree seeking?

To switch to degree seeking status follow the admissions information in the Graduate Licensure Program Checklist.

What do I put for the Planned Course of Study section of the Graduate Application?

That depends on if you are starting as Degree Seeking or Non-Degree Seeking. If you plan to start as non-degree seeking first, you would select “Non-Degree Seeking”. If you plan to start as Degree Seeking you would select “Instruction and Curriculum Leadership MAT” and then select a concentration area: Early Childhood; Elementary; Secondary; Special Education.

How many C's may I earn as a degree seeking student?

A graduate student may count 7 semester graduate hours of C's in a graduate program, but MUST maintain a 3.0 grade point average in order to graduate.

Can I receive credit for education courses I have already taken, either at UofM or at another institution?

Credit may be issued for education courses taken prior to entrance to the MAT program IF:

  • The student earned a grade of A or B in the course
  • The course was taken within the last 7 (seven) years
  • The course matches the course description of a corresponding course in the MAT program.

What is TEP?

The Teacher Education Program is not really a program at all. It is a list of state requirements that must be met before a student can move forward in a licensure program. Students do not apply to TEP until after they have applied to the University. Some steps are required to be completed before enrolling in courses and other steps may be completed during the first semester.

General TEP Questions?

What happens if I am not admitted to TEP?

Students may not enroll in level II classes until they have been accepted to TEP. You will not be able to complete the program or get licensed if you do not meet TEP requirements.

When should I apply to TEP?

It is recommended that students apply to TEP after registering for their first semester of courses or by the deadline of their first semester.

January 31st for spring          September 15th for fall            No summer deadline

There are multiple Praxis II Exams to take to be fully licensed, which ones do I take?

  • Two parts: The Specialty Area Exam(s), which may consist of 2-3 tests and the Principles of Learning and Teaching.
  • For a full list of Praxis II Exams please go to the Tennessee Praxis Exam website.

When do I take the tests?

The CORE and the Praxis II Content Knowledge Exam required for your licensure area are required to be admitted to TEP and the MAT program. They must be completed before the application deadlines. The other required Praxis II exams must be completed before you can apply for your license.

What are the minimum scores?

Visit the Tennessee Praxis Exam website.

What do I do with my scores?

When you sign up for the exams please make sure to send your scores to Institution Codes: 1459 and 8190. You will be emailed a copy that you must print out and put in a safe place. ETS no longer mails scores, your scores are only available to view for up to 30 days. After that point you must pay ETS for a copy of your scores.  

Can I teach before I get my license?

Shelby County Schools hire non-licensed teachers on Transitional licenses for high-need areas. These hiring decisions are determined by the respective school system. The system will specify the steps necessary to maintain employment. For more information on Transitional licenses please visit the website.

Do I still have to student teach?

In order to waive student teaching, one must teach for 1 year on a Transitional License or for 3 years at an approved Private School. Once the teaching experience, all coursework and all Praxis exams have been passed you must complete the Consideration of Experience in Lieu of Student Teaching packet. The level three section of the Self Managed Advising Sheet gets waived.

When can I do my student teaching semester?

You must have all licensure coursework completed before you are cleared to student teach.  You must submit an application by the deadline in your last semester of coursework. Student teaching is only done in the Spring and Fall semesters.

Where can I find more information about student teaching and the application process?

Information about student teaching can be found at the Student Teaching website.

When do I take my Level 4 course on the Self Managed Advising Sheet?

EDPR 7521 is a prerequisite to ICL 7992/7993 and must be completed before you will be cleared to register for it. You can take EDPR 7521 with your level 1 or 2 courses. You have to take ICL 7992/7993 the semester you plan to graduate (after student teaching).

What do I have to do in order to graduate?

  • Visit Graduate School’s Graduation webpage to learn about the forms and deadlines.
  • The intent to graduate form will be submitted electronically.
  • The Masters Degree Candidacy form must be filled out and turned in
    • Students who completed student teaching will submit the Masters Degree Candidacy form to the ICL Office in 404 Ball Hall, you do not need to get any signatures before submitting the form.
    • Students who completed experience in lieu of student teaching will submit their form along with their “in lieu of” packet to Mary Lanier in 202 Ball Hall, she will forward it on to the Graduate Coordinator.
  • These forms must be submitted early in the semester in which you plan to graduate. Turning in forms after the deadline will prevent you from graduating.

What do I need to do to apply for licensure?

When you complete student teaching or experience in lieu of student teaching, Mary Lanier, the Licensure Coordinator, will explain to you what paperwork needs to be submitted to apply for full licensure.