PRAXIS Exams Information

The following information is for candidates that need to take either the Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) Tests or any of the Praxis II Series exams. ETS Tennessee Praxis Homepage - This site offers a list of required exams, a store for purchasing test prep, a calendar of test dates & times, online registration for your exams and more. Candidates registering for Praxis exams need to be sure to enter the following codes when indicating where scores will be sent:

    University of Memphis:  1459                                                                 Department of Education of Tennessee:  8190

Also, it is important for candidates to enter their social security number on the registration form and the examination form. If candidates fail to do so, their scores will not be identifiable by the College of Education or the State Department of Education for licensure purposes. Educational Testing Service charges a fee to reissue scores with Social Security Numbers.

CHANGES to tn Praxis requirements 

Effective: Summer 2017

At their July 2016 meeting, the TN State Board of Education voted to increase cut scores for 15 Praxis exams and adopt a regenerated exam and cut score for one endorsement area, English as a Second Language. The increased cut scores and new English as a Second Language exam become mandatory on July 2, 2017.

For the purpose of meeting requirements, the department will accept the prior cut scores in lieu of the increased cut scores for tests taken on or before July 1, 2017. Additionally, the department will also accept the discontinued English to Speakers of Other Languages (5361) test and prior cut score in lieu of the newly adopted English to Speakers of Other Languages (5362) test and increased cut score for tests taken on or before July 1, 2017. All scores must be less than five years old when submitted for the purpose of licensure. Please refer to the chart below for more details.

                                                Transition to newly adopted Praxis cut scores for existing Praxis tests
  Cut scores for tests taken  Cut scores for tests taken
Test Name (Praxis ID Number)           until July 1, 2017     beginning July 2, 2017
Art: Content and Analysis (5135)                           157                             161
Marketing Education (5561)                         160                             169
P.E.: Content and Design (5095)                         164                             169
World & U.S. History: Content Knowledge (5941)                         136                             157
Latin (5601)                         141                             148
French: World Language (5174)                         156                             160
Earth & Space Science: Content Knowledge (5571)                         146                             150
Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): Early Childhood (5621)                         155                              157
Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): K-6 (5622)                         158                             160
Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): 5-9 (5623)                         158                             160
Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): 7-12 (5624)                         155                             157
German: World Language (5183)                         157                             163
Special Education: Core Knowledge and Severe to Profound Applications (5545)                         153                             158
Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications (5354)                         145                             151
Special Education: Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate Applications (5543)                         153                             158
   *From the Tennessee Department of Education.


For further questions regarding these changes, please contact your advisor, Penny Sevier or LaRuth Lofties

Studying REsOURCES

Although ETS does offer several test prep e-books and modules for purchase, there are study resources available to University of Memphis students through the library's database search system. Go to the University of Memphis' Library's webpage and click on the "Databases" tab. Then, type in "Learning Express Library" in the search box. Click on the database link on the next page. Create an individual account – username and password – so you can download the tests and ebooks. After that, you will log in and go directly to the tests. Do the same for other types of tests – GRE, etc.

Or – go to Tennessee Electronic Library and click on "Test Prep." Then, click on "Learning Express Library" and do the same as above. This link is open to the public – free to anyone in Tennessee or to our students who register while in the state.

If you are having difficulty with the aforementioned library resources, please email Gail Perkins Barton or by phone at 901-678-8223.