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BFA Competencies

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Performance Competencies

Demonstrated ability to act, i.e., to project one's self believably in word and action into imaginary circumstances, evoked improvisationally or through text.

Demonstrated ability to engage effectively in improvisations both by oneself and in an ensemble.

Demonstrated ability to characterize convincingly from plays drawn from different genres and styles in an ensemble relationship with other actors.

A developed technique for analyzing the specific tasks required in performing varied characters from written plays.

Clear and articulate speech with absence of regionalism; together with

Demonstrated ability to use the IPA to learn and perform foreign dialects;

Demonstrated ability to analyze and scan verse drama and to perform convincingly in verse plays.

Flexible, strong, and controlled voice with trained breath support; appropriate vocal range and freedom from vocal tension in rehearsal and performance (and postural tensions);

Demonstrated ability to use the voice effectively as an instrument for characterization together with the ability to project the voice effectively in different size theatre spaces.

Flexible, relaxed, and controlled body trained in basic stage movement discipline, including mime and dance;

Demonstrated ability to use the body effectively on stage as an instrument for characterization and to be responsive to changing time / rhythm demands and special relationships.

Thorough command of make-up materials and of the ability to apply one's own make-up for a variety of characters; demonstrated ability to use hair, rubber, or latex as effective aids for stage characterization.

Understanding of the specific demands of acting in plays of each major period and genre of dramatic literature.

Demonstrated comprehension of the basic business procedures of the actor's profession.

 Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Design & Technical Production Competencies

The Bachelor of Fine Arts designer / technician should leave after four years with an adequate portfolio to submit for consideration for professional employment or for admission to a Master of Fine Arts program.

Knowledge of the history of decor (furniture, decorative arts, and architecture, including theatre architecture) as it may be used in theatre.

Knowledge of the history of costumes and textiles, including theatrical costumes as applied to theatre.

Freehand drawing.

Technical drawing: projection drawing, mechanical drafting, and the adaptation of these techniques to scenic and technical drawing for the theatre (floor plans, technical elevations, painters elevations, perspective drawing for scene plates).

Study of color and control of these properties for aesthetic use.

Studies in the principles of two-dimensional and three-dimensional design aesthetics (i.e., practical problems using all color mediums and including particular exposure to repeat patterns, abstracts, and sculpting, in clay, plaster, styrofoam, metal welding, and sculpting for casting in plaster, resins, metal).

Work in many rendering media including inks, watercolor, pastels, acrylics, charcoal, etc.

On completion of degree work, each student should have developed a professional resumé and a portfolio of design work in all areas.

In addition to the basic competencies listed above, each student will develop selected competencies required for the specific Design / Technological emphasis or program that he / she pursues, i.e., Costume Design, Scenic Design, Lighting Design, Technical Direction.

NOTE: It is understood that students graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Technical Production will have had an opportunity to design at least one fully realized production in the area of their specialty.

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