About Us

What is the TigerLIFE program?

TigerLIFE (Learning Independence, Fostering Employment & Education)

The University of Memphis TigerLIFE Postsecondary Education Program is a 60 hour program culminating in a completion award in Career and Community Studies.  Participation in the Tiger LIFE program provides students with an option for continuing their education beyond high school to increase employment opportunities.  The program provides individualized Programs of Study in the areas of academic, social, vocational and independent living skills for students ages 18-29 with intellectual disabilities. At the heart of TigerLIFE is a person-centered planning model that uses the Systems Approach to Placement (an assessment instrument to develop a specialized program that best fits the unique skills, abilities, and needs of each student admitted into the program). The TigerLIFE program is administered by the University of Memphis Institute on Disability (UMID) whose purpose is to assist people with physical and developmental disabilities in finding meaningful and lasting employment, and serves as a community rehabilitation provider (CRP) for mid-south regional area vocational rehabilitation departments in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. TigerLIFE is a federally recognized Comprehensive Transition Program.

TigerLIFE program Mission Statement:

The mission of the TigerLIFE program is to use a systematic approach to assess each student’s academic, career, technical, independent living, and social skills in order to help the client devise the best plan that match their aspired goals for transition into gainful employment and living a more meaningful life.

TigerLIFE program Vision Statement

As a result of participating in the TigerLIFE program, a student with intellectual and developmental disabilities will attain his/her maximum level of independence, will become more employable, and will increase his/her self-efficacy.

TigerLIFE program Goals:

Built on guidelines drawn from the Think College national initiative, the goals of TigerLIFE are to support students in their quest for independence through:

  • Academic / Intellectual Development
  • Traditional College Experiences
  • Independent Living Skills
  • On-campus Internship and Community-based Externship Opportunities
  • Purposeful Job Training
  • Sustainable Employment


 TigerLIFE Unit Leaders:

  • Instructional Curriculum Unit: Dr. Kay Reeves
  • Behavioral Intervention & Analysis:  Dr. Brian Smith
  • On-Campus Coordinator: Weston Perry
  • Career Development & Transition Associate Coordinator:  Jacquise Bailey
  • Senior Coordinator Strategic Planning & Management:  Cindy Cassell
  • Coordinator of Operations:  Patrick Krolik
  • Admissions & Records:  Viki Poole
  • Administration:
    • Evonne Walton 
    • Maurice Williams