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Step 1 Introduction to Inquiry Learning I (INTD 1020) Master teachers introduce students to examples of high-quality inquiry-based lessons and model the educational concepts to which they are being introduced. In Step 1 students prepare and teach three (3) lessons in elementary classrooms.

Step 2 Introduction to Inquiry Learning 2 (INTD 1021) Master teachers introduce students to examples of high-quality inquiry-based lessons and model the educational concepts to which they are being introduced. In STEP 2 students prepare and teach three (3) lessons in middle school classrooms. Prerequisite: Step 1 (INTD 1020).

Knowing and Learning (ICL 3001) This course expands the prospective teacher's understanding of current theories of learning and conceptual development. Students critically examine the needs of a diverse student population in the classroom. Satisfies: B.S. requirement for Social Science.

Classroom Interactions (ICL 3002) This course moves from a focus on thinking and learning to a focus on teaching and learning. Prospective teachers are introduced to the way in which curriculum and technology are used in classroom settings to build interrelationships among teachers and students. Prerequisite: Knowing and Learning (ICL 3001).

Research Methods (PHY 4914, BIO 4914, or CHEM 4914) Students perform four independent inquiries and learn to combine skills from mathematics and science in order to solve research problems. Prerequisites: The prerequisites for Research Methods depend on the type of licensure that you are pursuing (Biology): Biology 1 (BIOL 1110), Biology 1 Lab (BIOL 1111), Biology 2 (BIOL 1120), and Biology 2 Lab (BIOL 1121) (Chemistry) Chemistry 1 (CHEM 1110), Chemistry 1 Lab (CHEM 1111), Chemistry 2 (CHEM 1120), and Chemistry 2 Lab (CHEM 1121) (Math) Chemistry sequence (CHEM 1110, 1111, 1120, 1121) OR Physics sequence (PHYS 2110, 2111, 2120, 2121) (Phys) Physics 1 (PHYS 2110), Physics 1 Lab (PHYS 2111), Physics 2 (PHYS 2120), and Physics 2 (PHYS 2121)

Functions and Modeling (MATH 4001) In this mathematics course designed to address the unique needs of future teachers of mathematics, students engage in explorations and lab activities designed to strengthen and expand their knowledge of the topics found in secondary mathematics. Prerequisites: Calculus 1 (Math 1910), Calculus 2 (Math 1920), and Introduction to Proofs (Math 2702). Note: For students seeking Mathematics licensure only.

Perspectives on Science and Mathematics (HIST 4069) Students are introduced to the historical, social, and philosophical implications of mathematics and science through investigations of five significant episodes in science history. Satisfies: B.S. requirement for Humanities.

Project-Based Instruction (ICL 4716) Students aim to master new technologies for problem-based investigations in math and science classrooms and also discuss the use of assessment to improve student learning. Students will then teach project-based lessons to middle school students. Prerequisite: Classroom Interactions (ICL 3002).

Apprentice Teaching --- Students are immersed in the schools to prepare them to confidently assume a teaching position in the public schools. Students must apply to the Office of Teacher Education and Student Support Services by the first Tuesday in March for Fall Apprentice Teaching and the first Tuesday in September for Spring Apprentice Teaching. The application and the list of requirements are available from the Office of Teacher Education and Student Support Service Student Teaching page

Apprentice Teaching Seminar --- Students reflect on their student teaching experiences and examine contemporary critical issues in education.

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Erika Bullock, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
(901) 678-2988

Alistair Windsor, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics
(901) 678-4431

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