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Tigers Teach Degree Programs

Sample Degree Plans with Apprentice Teaching

Well prepared students can complete the Tigers Teach program in four years including the Apprentice Teaching semester without summer study.

B.S. Biology Major

B.S. Chemistry Major

B.S. Chemistry Major with Biochemistry Concentration

B.A. Earth Sciences Major with Geology Concentration (includes 1 summer camp)

B.S. Mathematics Major

B.S. Physics Major

Some students will require additional preparation and may require a longer program and/or summer courses. These are sample plans only. Your Tigers Teach advisor will work with you to construct a personalized plan. You may wish to investigate the option of graduating without Apprentice Teaching on a Transitional License.

Outline of Tigers Teach Courses

Tigers Teach consists of five (5) education courses, two (2) or three (3) content courses, and an Apprentice Teaching semester.

The education sequence is:

  1. Step 1 (Introduction to Inquiry 1 - INTD 1020) [1 hour],
  2. Step 2 (Introduction to Inquiry 2 - INTD 1021) [1 hour],
  3. Knowing and Learning (ICL 3001) [3 hours],
  4. Classroom Interactions (ICL 3002) [3 hours],
  5. Project Based Instruction (ICL 4716) [3 hours]

At this juncture students may elect to complete Apprentice Teaching and graduate with an Apprentice License or may graduate without Apprentice Teaching and seek to be employed on a Transitional License.

For those students that elect to student teach there is the Apprentice Teaching and Seminar.

  1. Apprentice Teaching and Seminar [12 hours]

We recommend that Classroom Interactions, Project Based Instruction, and Apprentice Teaching be taken in 3 consecutive semesters.

The content courses are:

  1. Perspectives on Science and Mathematics [3 hours]
  2. Research Methods  [3 hours - Fall Only],
  3. Functions and Modeling (for Mathematics Licensure Candidates Only) [3 hours - Fall Only]

These courses may be taken in any order though Research Methods should be taken after most of the major is completed. More details on the courses can be found in the Tigers Teach Courses page.

The Tigers Teach curriculum can fit within many degree plans, your Tigers Teach adviser will help make sure you progress towards your degree and certification in good order.

Contact Info

Erika Bullock, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
(901) 678-2988

Alistair Windsor, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics
(901) 678-4431

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