Pre-Health Studies Minor

The goal of this minor is to provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills that professional schools in health and medical fields are seeking outside of the required science coursework. This minor is a way for students to complete additional coursework that is typically encouraged, and in some cases expected, by professional schools.

The Minor: 18 semester hours of required courses and electives:

A. Required Core Courses: One of PSYC 1030 or SOCI 1010; COMM 3012; PHIL 3514.*

B. One course from each of the three following categories:

Health and Wellness: EDPR 2111, HPRO 2100, HPRO 2200, NUTR 2202.

Cultural Competency: ANTH 4510, ANTH 4521, ANTH 4571, ECON 4740, HPRO 4510, SOCI 3401, SOCI 3422, SOCI 3432, SOCI 4420, SOCI 4442.

Social and Psychological Foundations: ANTH 4512, ANTH 4531, ANTH 4541, PSYC 3102, PSYC 3306, PSYC 3506, PSYC 3507, PSYC 3512, SOCI 4541, SOCI 4851, SOCI 4852.

* Students planning to take the MCAT should take both PSYC 1030 and SOCI 1010 but only one course will count toward the minor requirements.