The School of Health Studies


Richard J. Bloomer, PhD, Director
106 Roane Fieldhouse

The School of Health Studies (SHS) provides students with a quality education focused on the fundamental principles of health, exercise, nutrition, and physical activity, while equipping them with the cutting-edge knowledge and skills needed to fulfill leadership roles in their chosen area of specialty. From introductory courses in health and wellness, to specialized courses in nutrition therapy, biomechanics, health sciences, exercise physiology, and physical education teacher education, students are taught to analyze and synthesize data, and to develop alternative approaches to problem solving. As a result, students are prepared to move rapidly upward in their chosen career path upon graduation, whether seeking employment or advanced graduate study.

Undergraduate degrees in SHS may prepare students for graduate work in a variety of settings (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, physical education and recreation, strength and conditioning, medicine, physician assistant, dietetics and clinical nutrition, and more). Faculty members serve as mentors to students through laboratory and research activities, as well as through internships and study abroad opportunities. Five undergraduate and six graduate degree programs are currently offered within SHS. In addition, a University-wide physical activity program is coordinated through SHS.

Academic Programs

Health Studies (Concentrations in Dietetics; Exercise, Sport, & Movement Sciences; Health Sciences; Healthcare Leadership)

Physical Education Teacher Education

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