Aram Goudsouzian, Ph.D., Chair
Room 219, Mitchell Hall

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
HIST 4050-69. Special Topics in History. (1-3). Intensive study of selected topics; topic announced in online class listing.

HIST 1110 - World Civilization I (3)
Especially recommended for freshmen; traces forms of civilization from beginnings to 1500. [G]

HIST 1120 - World Civilization II (3)
Especially recommended for freshmen; traces forms of civilization from 1500 to present. [G]

HIST 2010 - U S to 1877 (3)
United States from discovery to end of political reconstruction. [G]

HIST 2020 - The U S Since 1877 (3)
United States from 1877 to present. [G]

HIST 2030 - Tennessee History (3)
(3900). Political, economic, and social development of Tennessee from earliest times. [G]

HIST 3035 - Technology/Culture Am History (3)
Interrelationship between technology and culture; emphasis on 19th and early 20th centuries.

HIST 3121 - England Before 1714 (3)
Political, constitutional, cultural, social, and economic development of England from coming of Anglo-Saxons until Hanoverian accession in 1714.

HIST 3122 - England Since 1714 (3)
Development of England's democratic government, considering economic, social, intellectual, diplomatic, and imperial affairs.

HIST 3211 - Colonial Latin America (3)
Political, economic, social and cultural development in Latin America from pre-conquest era to 1808.

HIST 3212 - Latin American Nations (3)
Major political, economic, and social trends in Latin America since 1808; emphasis on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.

HIST 3233 - Caribbean History (3)
Introduction to major themes of Caribbean history; discovery and conquest; colonialism and revolution; slavery and emancipation; nationalism and capitalism; migration and globalism.

HIST 3273 - Islamic Hist to 1405 (3)
Survey of religious, social, political, intellectual, and cultural developments in Muslim communities from the 7th century until death of Timur in 1405. Geographical focus in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

HIST 3274 - Islamic History Since 1405 (3)
Survey of religious. social, political, interllectual, and cultural developments in Muslim communities from the death of Timur in 1405 to the 21st century. Focus is mainly the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, with some attention to the emergence of Muslim communities in Europe and the Americas.

HIST 3275 - History of Jewish People (3)
History of Jewish people from antiquity to present; emphasis on their changing relationships to larger cultures in which they participated.

HIST 3281 - History/Africa to 1500 (3)
Human origins to the beginnings of African-European Atlantic trade in the 15th century; gathering-hunting societies; agriculture and technology; early African civilizations; classical age kingdoms and empires; Christianity, Islam, African religions; Indian Ocean world; Trans-Saharan trade network. NOTE: students who have earned credit for HIST 3280 may not receive credit for HIST 3281.

HIST 3282 - History of Africa since 1500 (3)
Origins of Atlantic era to present; African-European trade; slavery and slave trade; African Diaspora; kingdoms and empires; European settlement and apartheid in South Africa; economic and political changes of the 19th century; European colonial occupation; struggle for independence; Africa today. NOTE: students who have earned credit for HIST 3280 may not receive credit for HIST 3282.

HIST 3290 - Traditional East Asia (3)
Comparative survey of civilizations in India, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia, from their beginnings through the 18th century.

HIST 3291 - Modern Asia (3)
Asia from 1800 to present, focusing on Asian reactions to colonialism, and rise of modern nation states in India, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

HIST 3301 - Early Modern Europe (3)

HIST 3302 - Modern Europe 1800-Present (3)

HIST 3320 - Ancient World (3)
Survey of civilizations of ancient Egypt and the Near East, Greece, and Rome.

HIST 3370 - Medieval/Renaissance Europe (3)
Political, religious, social, economic, intellectual, cultural, and artistic developments in Europe from the 6th to the 16th centuries; ways of thought and life; collapse and recovery after the fall of the Roman Empire; flourishing of High Medieval culture; disasters after 1300; rise of humanism; Italian and Northern Renaissance.

HIST 3670 - Civil War/Reconstruction (3)
(4670). Examines the political, economic, and other circumstances that let to the U.S. Civil War; military aspects of the war; postwar Reconstruction period, with particular emphasis on the consequences of slave emancipation.

HIST 3803 - American Diplomatic History (3)
Though including the 18th and 19th centuries, course concentrates on 20th century; emphasizes relationship between foreign policy and domestic forces.

HIST 3811 - U S Military/Naval History (3)
Developments since colonial period; emphasis on background and growth of national military and naval establishments, military and naval thought, difficulties accompanying modernization and assumption of global responsibilities, and problem of relationship between civilian and military-naval sectors in democracy.

HIST 3815 - World War II (3)
Broad overview of origins, principal campaigns, and effects of World War II with some attention to domestic considerations; legacy of Great War, blitzkrieg, invasion of Europe, Pearl Harbor, Battle of Midway, defeat of Germany and Japan, and domestic impact of the war.

HIST 3817 - Vietnam War Global Prsp (3)
Traditional Vietnamese culture, its response to contact with the West and, more extensively, involvement of United States in the Indochina War.

HIST 3823 - Economic History of U S (3)

HIST 3840 - U S Constitutional History (3)
Constitutional developments from colonial period to present, emphasis on English heritage, constitutional antecedents of revolutionary era, origins and growth of federal system under Constitution of 1787, and evolution of modern constitutional government in United States.

HIST 3863 - Social/Intellct History of U S (3)
Survey of way Americans have thought about essential features of social and political order; development of and debate over central ideas of equality, freedom, and individualism that have defined the order of the common life. [G]

HIST 3881 - African American History (3)
(4881). History and culture of African Americans in light of their experiences; aspects of African American life and attitudes of dominant society within which African Americans lived; ways African American men and women shaped and nurtured their own lives, culture and history in U.S. [G]

HIST 3905 - History of Memphis (3)
Political, social and economic aspects of development of Memphis from foundation to present.

HIST 3920 - The Old South (3)
Southern institutions prior to outbreak of Civil War.

HIST 3930 - The New South (3)
South from Civil War to present.

HIST 4003 - Philosophy of History (3)
History as a distinct discipline; thought of leading Western philosophers of history about nature of history in its two senses: history as actuality and history as thought about actuality.

HIST 4012 - Directed Reading/Honors (3)
Under the direction of faculty member, student reads about particular topic or topics. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit. PREREQUISITE: admission to Honors Program.

HIST 4014 - Directed Readings (1-3)
Readings on particular topic in history under supervision of member of faculty.

HIST 4020 - Internship in History (1-12)
Supervised internships working with various governmental agencies, private foundations or businesses of interest to historians. May be repeated for up to 12 hours credit, of which no more than 6 hours may be counted toward the satisfaction of major requirements. PREREQUISITE: permission of department.

HIST 4022 - Oral History (3)
Applied history, covering oral history theory, research, and interviewing procedures.

HIST 4051 - Memphis and the Movement (3)
Examines the roots, history, and legacy of the Civil Rights movement in Memphis, Tennessee.

HIST 4052 - Topics Contemp Hist Latin Amer (3)
This course engages in major themes in the history of Latin America from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present.

HIST 4054 - Conspiracy & American Culture (3)
Examines popular folklore about power in historical contexts, demonstrating how fears of conspiracy and subversion have been a persistent theme in American culture dating back to the Revolutionary era.

HIST 4060 - Global History of Food (3)
History of exploring the relationship between humans and the things they eat.

HIST 4061 - Governing Speech Early America (3)
This course will study the importance of speech in early America by considering the act of speaking, the content of speech, and effects of speech.

HIST 4063 - The Opium Wars (3)
This course examines the Opium Wars which were a series of conflicts involving Great Britain, France, and China in the mid-nineteenth century.

HIST 4065 - Socialism: A History (3)
Introduces students to the history of socialism.

HIST 4067 - Exploring the Reformation (3)
Explore the history and theology of the religious upheavals in Europe during the sixteenth century, with special attention to the primary sources.

HIST 4105 - War in the Ancient World (3)
Development of warfare from 2000 BCE to 1200 CE, from Bronze Age to Mongol conquests; emphasis on Greek and Roman warfare; tactics, methods, strategies; theories of war and their historical development; attention to relationships between cultures, technology, influence of culture on war and war on society.

HIST 4106 - War in the Modern World (3)
Development of warfare from 1400 to the present; tactics, methods, and strategies; theories of war and their historical development with particular attention to relationships between cultures, changing technology, and the manner in which war has been conducted; purposes for which wars are fought.

HIST 4126 - Victorian/Edwardian England (3)
Social, political, and cultural adjustments of England to experience of industrialization in 19th and early 20th centuries.

HIST 4145 - History of Modern Germany (3)
Germany from origins of unification movement in Napoleonic Era through Second World War.

HIST 4151 - Habsburg Cent Europe 1740-1918 (3)
The Habsburg Monarchy brought relative stability to a region that has since experienced ethnic cleansing, mass murder, and dictatorship. Starts with the Habsburg dynasty's efforts to centralize its authority and ends with WWI, which led to the collapse of the Monarchy and redrawing the borders of east central Europe.

HIST 4160 - Russia to 1917 (3)
Russia from earliest times to 1917; emphasis on the rise of serfdom and autocracy and evolution of revolutionary movement.

HIST 4162 - Russia after 1917 (3)
Detailed study of 1917 Revolution and major developments in government, economy, cultural and social life, and international affairs that followed.

HIST 4213 - Women/Gender/Latin America (3)
Examination of roles of women and gender in Latin America from colonial times to beginning of twentieth century.

HIST 4221 - 20th Century Latin Amer Rev (3)
Critical comparative examination of twentieth-century revolutionary movements in Latin America, focusing on Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Chile.

HIST 4222 - Race/Class in Latin America (3)
Examination of colonial times to present, focusing on development of racial, ethnic, class identities, and their roles in economic, social, political, and cultural life.

HIST 4260 - World Since 1945 (3)
Global ideological, economic and political developments since World War II. Emphasizes rising affluence of industrial free market, movement of former colonies to independence, and growth in diversity among Soviet bloc nations.

HIST 4272 - Modern Middle East (3)
Political, diplomatic, social and religious developments in Middle East from 1800 to present.

HIST 4276 - The Arab-Israeli Conflict (3)
Study of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis through analysis of religious, social, political, and cultural develoments from the 19th century until the present day. Topics include Zionism in late Ottoman Palestine, the creation of the Jewish state of Israel and of the Palestinian refugee crisis, the Lebanese Civil War, and numerous Arab-Israeli wars.

HIST 4277 - Ottoman Empire (3)
Ottoman Empire people, geography, cultures, politics, administration, economy, and societies from its rise in the 13th century until its demise in 1922; major historiographical debates and literature related to the Ottoman Empire through primary and secondary sources, art, and literature.

HIST 4283 - History/South Africa (3)
Human origins to present with emphasis on economic and political history of 19th and 20th centuries; history examined within larger context of events throughout entire southern African region and globally; apartheid system and liberation ideologies such as socialism, Pan-Africanism, Black Consciousness explored through study of primary documents, film, music.

HIST 4285 - Afro-Cuban History and Culture (3)
History and culture of Afro-Cubans from origins to the present with particular emphasis on the Cuban Revolution. Enrollment by permit only and restricted to participants in the Cuba study abroad program.

HIST 4288 - West Africa/Diaspora (3)
West Africans from 15th century to present; Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and African Diaspora in the Americas; economic and social history of period through study of primary documents, film, music.

HIST 4289 - African Women's History (3)
Women of African continent from human origins to present; major epochs in African history; diversity of continent; theoretical issues related to gender through study of primary documents, fiction, film.

HIST 4292 - Modern China 1800-Present (3)

HIST 4294 - Modern Japan 1800-Present (3)

HIST 4297 - Ancient India (3)
History of India from earliest times to 1100; early period of Muslim rule; emphasis on cultural history, religious, legal, and other social institutions; Hinduism, Buddhism; "Aryan invasion" hypothesis; caste system; supposed "break" caused by Muslim invasions; British colonial representations of ancient India; relation between myth and history.

HIST 4320 - Ancient Near East (3)
From the beginnings of Mesopotamia down through the great empires of Assyria, Babylon, and Persia.

HIST 4321 - Greek Experience (3)
Politics, society and culture in ancient Greece to Alexander the Great.

HIST 4322 - The Roman World (3)
Hellenistic kingdoms and Roman Empire.

HIST 4323 - Egypt of the Pharaohs (3)
Survey of ancient Egyptian civilization, covering major political and social developments, religion, writing and literature, Egypt's relations with the rest of Africa, and sample problems illustrating how Egyptologists make sense of the scattered remains from which our understanding of ancient Egypt must be built.

HIST 4361 - History of Byzantine Empire (3)
Byzantine or East Roman Empire from 330 to 1453 and its influence on Slavic, Turkic, and Islamic peoples.

HIST 4372 - High Middle Ages (3)
Summary of the Early Middle Ages, economic, technological, cultural, intellectual, and religious expansion after 1000; courtly love, Romanesque and Gothic art; limited government, church and state conflicts; reason vs revelation; universities, scholasticism, women, Judaism, science, Franciscans, heretics; life of ordinary people; disasters of the 14th century, roots of the Renaissance.

HIST 4380 - Renaissance Europe (3)
Rise of humanism during 14th century disasters; intellectual, economic, social, cultural, religious, and artistic developments of 14th through 16th centuries, emphasizing Italy, especially Florence; women, life of ordinary people; guilds, republicanism and despotism, neoplatonism; Christian and civic humanism, Northern Renaissance.

HIST 4386 - Intro to Museums (3)
(Same as ARTH 4386). Overview of museums and the museum field, including history, development, philosophy, function and current and future trends in museums. May not be repeated for credit.

HIST 4390 - Europe-Age Reformation (3)
Characteristic political, social, economic, intellectual, and cultural developments and religious conflicts of late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

HIST 4401 - Europe-Age Baroque (3)
Political crises, development of monarchial absolutism, rise of modern science, and cultural synthesis in seventeenth century.

HIST 4440 - French Revolution (3)
The Old Regime, origins and development of Enlightenment thought, and revolutionary and counter-revolutionary movements in 18th century Europe.

HIST 4453 - Europe 1815-1914 (3)

HIST 4461 - Europe 1914-1945 (3)

HIST 4506 - Cultural Intlctl Hist Europe (3)
(3506). Critical and historical study of the major movements and developments in modern European philosophy, literature, and culture since the 17th century.

HIST 4620 - Colonial America to 1783 (3)
Political development and economic, social and cultural institutions of English Colonies in America, including origins and conduct of American Revolution.

HIST 4630 - New Nation/1783-1815 (3)

HIST 4640 - Jackson America 1815-1850 (3)

HIST 4670 - Civil War/Reconstruc 1850-1877 (3)

HIST 4680 - Emr Modern America 1877-1914 (3)
United States from end of Reconstruction to outbreak of World War I.

HIST 4701 - U S 1914 to World War II (3)
United States from outbreak of World War I to World War II.

HIST 4702 - U S Since W War II (3)
The United States from World War II to present.

HIST 4823 - American Labor History (3)
Historical development of labor movement in United States; emphasis on social, economic, and political trends related to labor movement.

HIST 4824 - Business History (3)
Historical development of business in the United States; attention to social, economic, and political trends related to American business communities.

HIST 4831 - History American Family (3)
Analysis of changes in family size and structure and relationships between family and society from colonial times to present.

HIST 4851 - History of Women in America (3)
History of women from discovery of America to present. [G]

HIST 4853 - African American Women (3)
Social, political, economic, cultural history of African American women from the sixteenth century to the present.

HIST 4861 - Parks/People/Public Policy (3)
Comparative study of history and administration of public land areas in the United States, and of American conservation.

HIST 4863 - History/Childhood in America (3)
Historical consideration of children and childhood in American society from early 17th century to present.

HIST 4871 - U S Urban History (3)
Development of American cities, including formation of local social, economic, and political institutions, and impact of urbanization on United States.

HIST 4879 - Africa to the Americas (3)
Arrival of Africans in western hemisphere; expansion of antebellum slavery into US lower south by 1820; African Diaspora; colonial slavery; impact of slavery on formation of United States; development of African American culture; relationships between enslaved and free Blacks, Europeans, Native American during colonial and early national periods. PREREQUISITE: HIST 3881, or AAAS 2100, or equivalent introductory survey course.

HIST 4880 - Slavery/Freedon/Segregation (3)
African Americans from 1820s to early 1900s; social, political, economic developments; antebellum slavery and freedom; impact of westward expansion; Civil War emancipation and post-war construction of freedom; development and impact of legal and extra-legal segregation; black nationalism and Pan-Americanism; Progressivism through beginnings of Great Migration. PREREQUISITE: HIST 3881, or AAAS 2100, or equivalent introductory survey course.

HIST 4882 - Civil Rights Movement (3)
Struggle for African American equality, with emphasis on key civil rights issues, events, leaders, and strategies. PREREQUISITE: HIST 3881, or AAAS 2100, or equivalent introductory course.

HIST 4996 - Honors Thesis (3)
Under direction of faculty member, and with approval of Honors Committee, student writes thesis based on research in primary and/or secondary sources. PREREQUISITE: admission to Honors Program.

HIST 4999 - Nature of Historical Inquiry (3)
A synthetic examination of the nature of historical inquiry as practiced by the discipline of history, including historical interpretation and controversy, analyses of historical sources, historical research and writing and integration of the various subfields of the discipline of history. PREREQUISITE: 21 hours in history.