Religious Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies Office
Room 107, Scates Hall

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
RLGN 4050-75. Special Topics in Religious Studies. (3). Topics are varied and in online class listings. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit.

RLGN 1100 - Introduction to Religion (3)
Introduction to the world's major spiritual traditions from ancient times to the present. [G]

RLGN 3100 - Perspectives on Religion (3)
Continued study of religion using a range of comparative and theoretical perspectives; exploration of perennial themes in religion, drawing on the different traditions as examples. PREREQUISITE: RLGN 1100.

RLGN 4010 - Directed Readings (3)
Reading on particular topic in religious studies under the supervision of faculty member. PREREQUISITE: permission of program coordinator.

RLGN 4050 - Exploring the Reformation (3)
Exploring the history and theology of the religious upheavals in Europe during the sixteenth century, with special attention to primary sources.

RLGN 4990 - Capstone Project (3)
Continues study of religion requiring individual investigation of specific topic in religious studies leading to completion of significant research paper. PREREQUISITE: RLGN 3100 and permission of instructor.