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(ARCH) ARCHITECTURE Department of Architecture
Michael D. Hagge, M.Arch., Chair
Room 404, Jones Hall

Additional fees are charged for Architecture courses. See the online class listings or the Expenses section of the Catalog.
ARCH 4510-19. Special Topics. (1-3). Varied topics in online class listings. May be repeated by permission for a maximum of 6 hours credit. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 1111 - Fundamentals of Design Studio (3)
Visual perception, principles and systems of order that inform two and three dimensional design, architectural composition and urban design; basic architectural principles used in design of building, interior spaces and sites. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 1112, 1120. COREQUISITE: ARCH 1113, 1211.

ARCH 1112 - Architecture Graphics Studio (3)
Graphic communication principles in architecture; mechanical drawing skills; introduction to digital presentation techniques; architectural modeling; orthographic and paraline projections; graphics reproduction techniques. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 1120. COREQUISITE: ARCH 1113, 1212, 1411.

ARCH 1113 - Design Visualization (3)
Freehand drawing skills for designers; perception-based drawing and concept ideation; principles of one and two point perspective; use of light, shade and shadow in representation of architectural forms and spaces. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 1112, 1120. COREQUISITE: ARCH 1111, 1211.

ARCH 1120 - Intro to Architecture + Design (3)
Fundamental principles of architecture and design; sustainability, historical, cultural, theoretical aspects of architecture and design; architecture and interior design profession values, ethics.

ARCH 1211 - History of Architecture 1 (3)
Major trends in architecture from prehistoric times to Renaissance; emphasis on impact of technological and social changes on prevailing architectural styles. PREREQUISITE: HIST 1110.

ARCH 2212 - History of Architecture 2 (3)
(1212). Major trends in architecture from Renaissance to present; emphasis on pre-1900 era; development of architecture through cultural and technological change. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 1211 and HIST 1120.

ARCH 2311 - Structural Concepts (3)
Introduction to fundamental principles for the design of structural systems within architecture and design. PREREQUISITE: PHYS 2010/2011.

ARCH 2411 - Building Technology 1 (3)
(1411). Building types and building systems; emphasis on the effect of scale, materials, assembly systems and detail methods upon architectural design; drafting of details included. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 1111, 1112, 1113, 1211. COREQUISITE: ARCH 2212, 2611, 2711.

ARCH 2412 - Building Technology 2 (3)
Advanced study of building types and building systems; material and their properties as related to architecture; drafting of details included. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 2411. COREQUISITE: ARCH 2611, 2712.

ARCH 2611 - Computer Apps in Design 1 (3)
Computer aided drafting and design applications to produce computer generated architectural design and working drawings. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 1111, 1112, 1113, 1120, 1211.

ARCH 2612 - Computer Apps in Design 2 (3)
Advanced concepts of computer generated drawings including utilization of third party software for special applications, 3-D building studies, site development. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 2611, or equivalent.

ARCH 2711 - Architecture Design Studio 1 (5)
Projects to introduce architectural precedents, typology, form, space, order, meaning, and place; understanding of specific cultural, social and physical contexts of architecture. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 1112. COREQUISITE: ARCH 2412, 2611.

ARCH 2712 - Architecture Design Studio 2 (5)
Integration of concepts and methods as applied to building types, design, construction, and systems with a focus on regionalism; site analysis and development of design solutions integrating formally expressive visual ideas and functionally adept planning and design concepts. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 2711. COREQUISITE: ARCH 2412, 2612.

ARCH 3221 - Determinants of Modern Design (3)
(4221). Significant works of architecture and urban design from 1900 to present; focus on Europe, United States, non-Western world; examination of architecture as a mode of cultural production in relation to its aesthetic. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 1211, 2212, or equivalent.

ARCH 3222 - Contemporary Architecture 1 (3)
Examination of relevant works of architecture impacting the world today; focus on conceptual basis of works, theoretical design intent, technical execution and detailing as reinforcement of design intent; impact of significant works on the profession and larger society. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 3221

ARCH 3312 - Structures 2 (3)
Fundamentals of structural design and analysis of steel and timber buildings and building components. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 2311.

ARCH 3313 - Structures 3 (3)
Fundamentals of structural design and analysis of concrete buildings and building components. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 2311.

ARCH 3321 - Structual Design 1 (3)
Introduction to analysis and design of building systems and impact of these systems based on fundamental principles of mechanics; force systems, equilibrium; axial sheer bending stress theory; stress diagrams, buckling, strain and deformation related to building load requirerments of structural systems within architectural forms. PREREQUISITE: PHYS 2010/2011.

ARCH 3322 - Structural Design 2 (3)
Fundamentals of structural design and analysis of buildings and building components in relationship to material. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 3321.

ARCH 3421 - Environmental Systems (3)
Studies in environmental technologies in architecture; mechanical systems, plumbing, electrical and energy conservation. COREQUSITE: ARCH 3713 or IDES 3713.

ARCH 3431 - Professional Practice (3)
Professional services; ethics; building programming; building codes; construction documents; cost estimating. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 3613 - Computer Apps in Design 3 (3)
(4613). Advanced design, modeling, analytical concepts using various computer software programs. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 2612, 2712. COREQUISITE: 3321, 3421, 3713.

ARCH 3713 - Architecture Design Studio 3 (5)
(3711). Integrative design strategies that engage programmatic, contextual, and constructed dimensions of architecture and its representations with a focus on environmental and sustainable issues. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 2412, 2612, 2712. COREQUISITE: ARCH 3221, 3321, 3421, 3613, 3713.

ARCH 3714 - Architecture Design Studio 4 (5)
(3712). Integration of design determinants; selection and design of structural systems. environmental systems, materials, and connections for large and small scale buildings. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 3221, 3321, 3421, 3613, 3713. COREQUISITE: ARCH 3222, 3322.

ARCH 4021 - Architecture Independent Study (1-3)
Independent research in selected area of architecture under supervision of architecture faculty. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor. (A-F, IP)

ARCH 4022 - Architecture+Urbanism Seminar (3)
Review of contemporary concepts in architectural design in context of urban environment; attitudes and phenomena which have led to the making of particular culture of our time and their impact on the built environment. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 4023 - Urban Design Seminar (3)
Comprehensive overview of significant issues of contemporary urban design; emphasis on experimental nature of cities; role of the architect in urban design. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 4231 - Issues in City Building (3)
Review of historical and contemporary issues in architecture, urban design, planning, and real estate development within the context of urban environment. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 4421 - Sustainable Design (3)
Principles of sustainable design as it relates to architecture and interior design. Topics include successful integration of sustainable design principles into building solutions; systematic evaluation of various design strategies in order to determine the most appropriate application. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 4430 - Internship in Architecture (1-6)
Experiential learning to be achieved through an approved work assignment with a design firm, appropriate public or private entity, or a Department of Architecture faculty member. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 4441 - Construction Documents (3)
Construction drawings and specifications; document organization and integration of building systems; graphics conventions; structural, architectural and interior detailing. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 3322, 3613, 3714. COREQUISITE: ARCH 4231, 4715.

ARCH 4451 - Site/Environmental Planning (3)
Building sites; selection and utilization, including environmental influences; technical aspects such as zoning, contour lines, parking, ingress/egress, site drainage, building location and sustainable design. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 4517 - Design Collaborative Studio (3)
(same as PLAN 4801-6801) Topics include appropriate products, building materials and techniques, sustainable design, site and environmental issues, codes and standards, and client needs.

ARCH 4715 - Architecture Design Studio 5 (5)
(4713). Assessment, selection, integration of structural systems, building envelop systems, environmental systems, life-safety systems, building service systems into a comprehensive building design. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 3714. COREQUISITE: ARCH 4231, 4441.

ARCH 4716 - Architecture Design Studio 6 (5)
(4714). Issues of urban design; role of architecture in creating livable, sustainable cities; built environment and urban condition. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 4715.

ARCH 4811 - Parameter/Architecture Studio (3-6)
Comprehensive overview of differences and relationships of history, technology, and culture in terms of impact on architecture and urban design; concepts of form generation and historic dimensions of architecture with respect to human settlement. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit when topic varies. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 4812 - Furniture Design Studio (4)
Examination of historical precedents in modern style and place of furniture in architecture; design philosophy, expression of materials, construction. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 4821 - Urban Design Studio (6)
Comprehensive overview of significant issues of contemporary urban design; emphasis on experiential nature of cities, role of public policy, and genesis and development of urban building types. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 4822 - Architecture/Urbanism Studio (6)
Advanced design studio for identifying needs, resources, and operational methodologies across an expanded range of environmental scales; methods for identification of socio-cultural needs and coordination of complex variables, information, resources, leading to conceptualization and development of design of components of built environment.

ARCH 4833 - Architectural Illustration (3)
Basics of phenomenological theory as it applies to design communication; techniques of observational analysis; skills in applied color theory, perspective drawing, compositional refinement, and characteristics of materials and light; precedents of representation; graphic and verbal presentation. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 4841 - Studio Study Abroad (3-9)
Comparative studies of cultures; relationships of culture to physical environment, organization of cities; history and behavior of inhabitants; analysis and documentation of elements of physical environment and relationship between buildings and urban fabric. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARCH 4930 - Senior Thesis (3)
Study and research in specific area culminating in an integrating experience through individual and/or group projects and technical reports. PREREQUISITE: ARCH 4715. (A-F, IP)

ARCH 4931 - Senior Thesis Seminar (1)
Study and research in a specific area culminating in an integrating experience through individual project; research techniques, preliminary research and conceptual development of architectural project; site analysis and selection, case studies; development of Thesis proposal. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.