Department of Art
Richard A. Lou, M.F.A., Chair
Room 201, Jones Hall

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
ARTH 4030-39. Special Topics in Art History. (1-3). Topics are varied and in online class listings. May be repeated to a maximum of 9 hours credit when topic varies.

ARTH 2000 - Introducton to Egyptology (3)
This course will provide a general introduction to the academic discipline of Egyptology and an overview of the culture of ancient Egypt itself. Students will broaden their cultural perspective on the ancient world through an understanding of the major artistic, religious, and textual developments in Egypt, with select discussion of their influence on contemporary and later cultures.

ARTH 2010 - World Art I (3)
(2101). Development of visual arts from prehistoric times through medieval period, their use by man as social, cultural, and educational force; brief survey of art of Far East. [G]

ARTH 2020 - World Art II (3)
(2102). Continues World Art I; development of visual arts from medieval period through Renaissance to present. [G]

ARTH 2030 - Visual Studies/Indigenous Arts (3)
Arts and visual cultures of peoples of Africa, Oceania, and Native North America.

ARTH 4111 - Art/Archaeology of Egypt (3)
Predynastic to Late Period. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2010 or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4112 - Egypt Art-Old Kingdom (3)
Art, architecture, and archaeology, 3000-1500 B.C. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2010, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4113 - Egypt Art-New Kingdom (3)
Art, architecture, and archaeology, 1500 B.C.-642 A.D. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2010, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4119 - Late Antique/Islamic Art/Egypt (3)
Pharaonic and Hellensitic roots of Coptic Art, its 3rd and 4th century AD flourishing, place within the larger milieu of the Byzantine Empire's culture and artistic expression, interaction with the Late Antique arts of the Eastern Mediterranean, and influence on the Islamic Art of Egypt.

ARTH 4121 - Ancient Art Near East (3)
Architecture, sculpture, painting, and the minor arts in Mesopotamia, Anatolia, and Syria Palestine. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2010, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4123 - Greek Art (3)
Architecture, sculpture and painting from the Bronze Age to the end of the Hellenistic period.

ARTH 4124 - Roman Art (3)
Architecture, sculpture and painting from Etruscan Rome to the fall of the Empire.

ARTH 4125 - Art/Archaeology Pompeii (3)
Pompeii's excavations, art, artifacts and architecture in reconstructing ancient Roman daily life.

ARTH 4129 - Ancient/Medieval Architecture (3)
Selected topics comparing the architecture of ancient Egypt, the Classical world, and Medieval Europe. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2010.

ARTH 4130 - Art/Medieval World (3)
Architecture, sculpture, and painting, including manuscript illumination of the middle ages; Western European and Byzantine traditions. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2010, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4131 - Art/Early Middle Ages (3)
Advanced study of architecture, sculpture and painting of the early medieval period. PREREQUlSlTE: ARTH 2010, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4134 - Art/High Middle Ages (3)
Advanced study of architecture, sculpture and painting, including manuscript illumination, ivories and stained glass in the Romanesque and Gothic periods. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2010, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4141 - Early Renaissance Italy (3)
Architecture, sculpture and painting of Italy, 1300-1510. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2010, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4142 - North Renaissance Art (3)
Fifteenth Century Art in Northern Europe; emphasis on panel painting, manuscript illumination and printmaking. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2010, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4143 - High Renaissance Italy (3)
Sixteenth Century Art in Italy; highlights works of Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, and the Mannerists. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2020, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4146 - Baroque Art (3)
Architecture, sculpture, and painting produced in Europe during Seventeenth Century. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2020 or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4148 - Neo-Class/Romanticism (3)
Western European art, ca. 1760-1850 emphasizing painting, sculpture, and art theory. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2020 ,or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4149 - Realism & Impressionism (3)
Western European art, ca. 1850-1880, emphasizing painting, sculpture and art theory. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2020, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4152 - Early Modern Art (3)
Movements in Western art and art theory, 1880-1905 which are the foundation of 20th century modernism, Symbolism and Post-Impressionism. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2020, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4153 - Cubism through Surrealism (3)
History of avant-garde art before World War II. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2020, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4155 - High Modern Art (3)
American and European art and art theory 1940-1968, emphasizing the development of modernism. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2020, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4157 - Contemp Art/Theory/Criticism (3)
Historical movements, theory and criticism: 1968 to present. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2020, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4158 - Modern Architecture (3)
Survey of 19th century styles, 20th century masters, and contemporary developments in architecture; historic preservation.

ARTH 4160 - Architecture and Nature (3)
Survey and analysis of spaces in a variety of cultures from world history where the relationship between the natural and the built environment is healthy.

ARTH 4162 - Latin American Art (3)
Hispanic arts of the Americas from 1500 to the present in relation to Iberian and Indian traditions.

ARTH 4163 - Pre-Columbian Art (3)
Ancient art of Mexico, Central America and South America from about 1000 B. C. to European contact.

ARTH 4166 - History of American Art (3)
American art examined in social, cultural and historical contexts; broad range of creative expression, including fine arts, architecture, folk art, film, furniture, popular culture; covers the period of conquest to modern developments. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 2020, or permission of instructor.

ARTH 4167 - American Art, 1860-1945 (3)
This course provides an in-depth look at art and visual culture produced in the United States between two defining conflicts in U.S. history: the Civil War and World War II-a period of dynamic developments related to technology, race, ethnicity, and gender, among a host of other areas. It approaches the issue of defining a national art from multiple perspectives, including dominant and marginalized voices.

ARTH 4168 - Art & Social Conflict 1920-P (3)
This course will consider instances of visual culture, including fine art but also film, magazines, etc. that contribute to American identity. We will consider visual practices that reflect and reinforce dominant ideas of American identity, but also will discuss strategies that contest American identity and try to imagine more inclusive alternatives.

ARTH 4181 - Arts Africa/Oceania/N America (3)
Survey of the arts created by native Americans of U.S. and Canada, peoples of sub-Saharan Africa and Pacific islands, examined in relation to their cultural context and heritage.

ARTH 4183 - Visual Arts of Africa (3)
Survey of the arts of the African continent from pre-historic to the modern era; African aesthetic traditions in relation to social and cultural contexts.

ARTH 4184 - Arts of Colonialism/Empire (3)
Major themes in the study of African Diaspora art, artists, and visual culture, specifically the histories of migration, dispersal, and mobility of peoples of African descent both within and outside the continent; aesthetics, race and representation, politics, gender, class differences, sexuality, strategies of resistance, cross-cultural influences, issues of patronage, and cultural identity formation.

ARTH 4185 - African American Art (3)
Introduction to African American visual expression and culture from Colonial to the modern era, including fine arts, photography, film and popular culture.

ARTH 4186 - Afr American Diaspora Cinema (3)
Visual culture that examines significant themes in US film history focusing on the development of African American cinema, and filmed representations of the African American experience. The history of African American film production is considered within historical, cultural, social, and political contexts. Readings in film criticism and theory examine the development of African American cinema as a particular genre of film and aesthetic expression. Diversity and difference are critical themes in the representation of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class in cinema, a quintessentially American art form. From an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective, film representative of the broader African Diaspora will also be examined.

ARTH 4187 - Af Am Diaspora Photo Culture (3)
African American photographic experience from the 19th century to the presient time; exploration of the politics of representation in the history of American photography by examining blacks as subjects, creators, and theorists of a diverse range of visual "texts"; daguerreotypes, photo-essays, installations, and image-text collaborations, and the photographic traditions of portraiture, Colonialist photography, street photography, social documentary, Civil Rights photography, photo-journalism and commercial photography like photographs and magazine advertisements.

ARTH 4195 - Proseminar Art History (3)
Investigation of selected topics in art history with emphasis on development of research techniques and methodologies. Oral presentation and writing of thesis paper. PREREQUISITE: senior status with 18 semester hours in art history.

ARTH 4197 - Adv Indiv Research/ARTH (3)
May be repeated for credit when topic varies. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARTH 4381 - Art Curatorial Techniques (3)
Curatorial responsibilities and functions: receiving and shipping methods, registration, physical and environmental security, research, conservation, and study of art market and publications.

ARTH 4386 - Introduction to Museums (3)
(Same as HIST 4386). History of museums and how they function in society; development of major collections and roles of museums as centers of research, education, and as interpreters of social values; presentations by museum professionals and visits to area museums.

ARTH 4660 - Museum Collections (3)
(Same as ANTH 4660). Theory, methods, collection policy, development, preservation, documentation, interpretation of museum collections. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARTH 4662 - Museum Exhibitions (3)
(Same as ANTH 4662). Exhibition methods and theory, including research, design, layout, object selection and handling, installation, public programming and evaluation. May not be repeated for credit. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

ARTH 4721 - History Photography I (3)
Survey of history and theory of photography since its invention in the 19th century.

ARTH 4722 - History Photography II (3)
Historical and critical issues in photography from World War I to the present.