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M. David Arant, Ph.D., Chair
Room 300, Edward J. Meeman Journalism Building

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
JOUR 4800-09. Special Topics in Journalism. (3). Intensive study of a single critical issue or current topic. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit.

JOUR 1700 - Survey Mass Communicatn (3)
Social background, scope, functions, and organization of modern communication media, attention to all major mass communication media; philosophy and goals of modern journalism; impact on governmental, social and economic systems. [G]

JOUR 2121 - Media Writing (3)
Basic instruction in journalistic forms and style; use of computer in composition of news reports or articles and in solution of news writing problems; laboratory writing exercises on computer. One lecture hour, four laboratory hours per week. PREREQUISITE: Passing grade on the Journalism Department's English Proficiency Test.

JOUR 2123 - Editing (3)
Practice in copy editing, headline writing, photo editing, and presentation of news for print and online publications; issues faced by editors in all media are addressed. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 2121.

JOUR 3120 - Reporting (3)
Gathering news using basic journalistic tools and techniques. Writing assignments will take place in lab and field. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 2121.

JOUR 3130 - Feature Writing (3)
Advanced practice in writing, publishing feature stories for magazines and newspapers and the Web; finding and developing publishable ideas; freelance techniques; advanced reporting skills; writing techniques with emphasis on leads, endings, description, effective use of anecdotes and quotations; critiques of student work. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 2121.

JOUR 3300 - Survey of Advertising (3)
Exploration of creative function of advertising; emphasis on role of media.

JOUR 3324 - Creative Strategy (3)
Principles of advertising psychology in relation to proven techniques for writing effective copy; approximately half of course devoted to practice in writing copy and preparing rough layouts. Typing proficiency required. One lecture hour, four laboratory hours per week. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 2121, 3900, or permission of instructor.

JOUR 3400 - Intro Public Relations (3)
Development, scope, and modern role of public relations; emphasis on problem solving, lectures, and application of major public relations tools and practices.

JOUR 3409 - Public Relations Case Studies (3)
(4420, 4423). Case studies and typical public relations problems; planning and preparation of communications materials for various media; application of public relations techniques. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 3400.

JOUR 3421 - Public Relations Writing (3)
Emphasis on communication tactics; plan, write, and produce public relations tools; audience and media selection; print and electronic media and new media. Two lectures hours, two laboratory hours per week. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 2121.

JOUR 3526 - Digital Imaging (3)
Understanding the photograph as narrative; learning to see, interpret and capture images that communicate information and have meaning and storytelling power; manipulation of digital media with software for use in broadcast, web and print; ethical problems related to digital manipulation. One lecture hour, four laboratory hours per week. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 2121.

JOUR 3649 - Radio News Practicum (3)
Applied skills in producing, writing, reporting, and voicing daily news and information programming for campus radio station WUMR. One lecture hour, four laboratory hours per week. May be repeated for a maximum of six credit hours. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 3625, or permission of instructor. (S/U)

JOUR 3800 - Helmsman Workshop (1)
Weekly presentation by media professionals on topics in their fields of journalistic expertise. Students prepare for discussion sessions through assigned readings. May be repeated for a maximum of 2 hours credit. PREREQUISITE: junior standing and permission of instructor.

JOUR 3900 - Visual Communication (3)
Introduction to desktop publishing software; application of fundamental print principles; development of print design projects such as fliers, brochures, ads, magazines and newsletters. One lecture hour, four laboratory hours per week.

JOUR 4120 - Advanced Reporting (3)
Gathering, analyzing and writing news stories about such topics as government, the courts, the economy, education, environment, and science; Students will do investigative work in the field and in the classroom, learning about both archival and computer resources. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 3120 or permission of instructor.

JOUR 4124 - Computer Assisted Reporting (3)
Advanced use of computer technology and investigative techniques to access, analyze and develop database information in combination with traditional news reporting. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 3120, or permission of instructor.

JOUR 4140 - News Design (3)
Advanced principles of design and production for newspapers, magazines and newsletters; subjects covered include typography, story and page design, graphics; copy images and infographics and presentations in clear, well-organized way; issues with headlines, titles, subheads and photo captions are addressed. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 2123, 3526.

JOUR 4326 - Advertising Research (3)
(3345). Fundamentals in advertising research; nature of the market, appropriate advertising strategies, message effectiveness and media audiences; primary and secondary research, sampling, questionnaire design, survey, and data processing and analysis. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 2121, 3300. COREQUISITE: JOUR 4327.

JOUR 4327 - Media Planning (3)
Procedures for analyzing the advertising situation, writing advertising and media goals, and setting advertising appropriations. Use of a microcomputer program to develop and evaluate optimum advertising media schedules. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 3300 and MKTG 3010.

JOUR 4328 - Strategic Adv Campaigns (3)
Development of an integrative campaign and its execution in include all advertising and promotion applications. (Sp). PREREQUISITE: JOUR 3324, 4326, 4327, or permission of instructor.

JOUR 4410 - Public Relations Research (3)
(3410). Identifying, characterizing and evaluating stakeholder groups and alternative channels of communication; formal research procedures include sampling, instrument design, information gathering, data processing, analysis and reporting. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 3400 and 3421.

JOUR 4440 - Public Relations Campaigns (3)
Application of theory, research data, and problem-solving techniques in the development of comprehensive public relations strategies. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 3400, 3421, 4410, JOUR 4420 recommended, or permission of instructor.

JOUR 4500 - Web Publish I: html/CSS (3)
Creation and development of journalism/mass media organization web sites; incorporation of target audience analysis and web usability; and application of information products' conceptualization and layout principles.

JOUR 4550 - Web Publish II: html/CSS (3)
Creation and development of journalism/mass media websites; application of advanced web publishing skills, focus on use of cascading style sheet (CSS); orient toward web usability. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 4500.

JOUR 4560 - Interactive News (3)
Creation and development of interactive news story for web using Flash and its ActionScript; integrating writing, reporting, designing and presenting audio, video, slideshows elements in production of multimedia story. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 4500.

JOUR 4629 - TV News Writing/Reporting (3)
Gathering, writing and presentation of news for television. Students will shoot, write, edit, and voice packages for use in both the reporting and producing classes. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 3120, COMM 3801, or permission of instructor.

JOUR 4639 - TV News Producing (3)
Producing, writing, editing and using electronic equipment to assemble a television newscast; emphasis on performing the various tasks in a working newsroom. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 3120, COMM 3801, or permission of instructor.

JOUR 4700 - Mass Communication Law (3)
Origin and development of legal principles affecting freedom of expression and provisions of laws of libel, slander, copyright, and other statutes limiting communication in fields of publishing and broadcasting.

JOUR 4702 - Mass Media/Diversity/Society (3)
Advanced study of critical problems faced by mass media, with exploration of complexities that cause them.

JOUR 4708 - Mass Media Ethics (3)
Classical approaches to ethics presented with their application to the day-to-day considerations journalism, public relations and advertising professionals must face in working with employers, local publics and the larger society which depends on a free flow of accurate information.

JOUR 4712 - Mass Media and Cultures (3)
Designed for the professional communicator who needs to understand different cultures, both foreign and domestic; intercultural communication, comparison of cultural values and behaviors, the nature of news in different cultures, the international flow of news, growth and impact of global journalism, television, advertising, and public relations.

JOUR 4716 - History Mass Communication (3)
(3700). Major events, stories, personalities, and issues shaping development of mass communication with special emphasis on the history of American journalism, from advent of printing to the age of the Internet.

JOUR 4720 - Presidents and the Press (3)
Conflict and symbiosis between the White House and the news media; studies of history, journalism, and politics; how various presidents used or failed to use the media, how they were covered and represented, and how that relationship has changed over the years.

JOUR 4802 - Entrepreneurial Journalism (3)
Examination of business models and new media tools that can encourage entrepreneurial thinking and planning in various fields of mass communication, as well as the theory and practices of traditional medial management.

JOUR 4830 - Directed Indiv Study (1-3)
Independent study and research, or practicum, or project under supervision. May be repeated for a maximum of 3 hours credit. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

JOUR 4900 - Multimedia Visual Comm (3)
Planning, development, design and execution of a project for print and digital display, including data visualization, illustration, branding, video and photography. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 3900 or permission of instructor.

JOUR 4910 - Advanced Social Media (3)
Introduction to basics of using social media in strategic ways as a reporter and/or a public relations or advertising professional; many changes in the media landscape and skills needed in today's media careers will be discussed.

JOUR 4930 - Media Internship (3)
Work under supervision of qualified mass media practitioner. NOTE: Students who have received credit for JOUR 4130, 4330, 4430 may not receive credit for JOUR 4930. PREREQUISITE: Permit required. (S/U).

JOUR 4998 - Multimedia News Lab (3)
Write, produce content for department Web site that will house multimedia stories on important, complex topic; course will mirror collaborative opportunities underway in industry and provide students with strongest material possible for portfolios. PREREQUISITE: JOUR 3526, 4120 and 4500.

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