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Music History, Literature, and Appreciation (MUHL)

MUHL 3301 - History of Music to 1750 (3)
Development of significant musical styles; attention to individual contribution of major composers. PREREQUISITE: MUTC 1009/1011. (F)

MUHL 3302 - History of Music Since 1750 (3)
Continuation of MUHL 3301. PREREQUISITE: MUTC 1009/1011. (SP).

MUHL 3303 - Western Music History (3)
Study of major style periods in Western Music History for the non-performance student of music.

MUHL 3304 - Music History Review (3)
Review of genres, repertories, major figures, and development of western music. May not be used to fulfill any course requirement in the B.M. degree.

MUHL 4001 - Piano Repertory (2)
Survey of stringed keyboard repertory from Bach and his contemporaries to the present. Representative works analyzed regarding historical, stylistic, formal and aesthetic features. PREREQUISITE: junior standing in music or permission of instructor. (F)

MUHL 4002 - Song Repertory I (2)
Survey of solo literature from the German and Italian schools of song. (F-even years)

MUHL 4003 - Song Repertory II (2)
Survey of solo literature from the French, British, and American schools of song. (SP-odd years)

MUHL 4005 - History/Literature of Organ (3)
Literature for the organ and its effect on and interaction with organ design.

MUHL 4008 - The Symphony (3)
Survey of development of the symphony for 18th century to present with focus on important composers and works; discussion of orchestration and form, aesthetics, performance practice. PREREQUISITE: MUHL 3302.

MUHL 4009 - Choral Literature I (3)
Survey of choral repertories from Gregorian chant to 1700; contemporary performance practices; techniques of performing early choral music with modern mixed choirs.

MUHL 4010 - Choral Literature II (3)
Survey of choral repertories from 1700 to present; contemporary performance practices; problems of modern performance.

MUHL 4011 - String Quartet Literature (3)
History of string of quartet; survey of its music from Haydn to present; problems of performance.

MUHL 4012 - Hist Chamber Music/Wind Instr (3)
History of chamber music for brass and woodwind instruments from medieval through modernist periods; instruments, types of ensembles, musical sources, notation, repertory, and performance practice.

MUHL 4013 - Women and Music (3)
Investigation of roles women have played throughout history of Western art music, music they have composed, performed, inspired.

MUHL 4014 - Chamber Music/Piano (3)
Study of development of works for piano and one other instrument; piano trios, piano quartets; piano quintets; stylistic analyses of works from classic, romantic, and twentieth-century repertory. (F)

MUHL 4015 - Guitar Literature (3)
Basic repertory of classical guitar and its predecessors from the middle ages to the present. (F - odd years)

MUHL 4016 - Jazz Vocal Styles (3)
Survey of jazz vocal styles from the 1920's through the present, incorporating listening, lecture, and analysis. Recorded works by important figures from each style and period will be studied.

MUHL 4020 - Solo Brass Literature (3)
Examination, evaluation and critique of solo repertoire for brass instruments. Reference books and material will be examined as well as the development of specific courses of study for each instrument. (SP - odd years)

MUHL 4021 - American Amateur Brass Band (3)
History and circumstances of the American amateur band movement in the 19th and early 20th centuries; practical exploration of its musical repertory. PREREQUISITE: MUHL 3302, or permission of instructor.

MUHL 4022 - Early Chamber Music (3)
Study of repertories for small groups of strings and winds from the middle ages to 1700.

MUHL 4030 - Percussion Repertory (3)
Survey of available literature for percussion instruments. (SP - odd years)

MUHL 4259 - Studies in Bibliography (3)
Research techniques in music history; finding, evaluating, and using sources; writing about music. Preparation of the Senior Project Prospectus. (F)

MUHL 4268 - History of Music Production (3)
This course is a detailed examination of the development of music production. The course will also systematically discuss key elements of music, musicians, equipment, theory, techniques, acoustics, and other areas during the history of music production.

MUHL 4406 - Music Since 1900 (3)
Advanced study of music in its historical context from 1900 to the present.

MUHL 4407 - History of Opera (3)
History of opera from its beginnings to the present. PREREQUISITE: MUHL 3301, 3302; or permission of instructor.

MUHL 4500 - String Repertory (3)
Histories, texts, methods, periodicals, orchestral studies, and solo and ensemble literature of the individual string instruments.

MUHL 4800 - World Musical Styles (3)
Introduction to the study of ethnomusicology; traditional and popular musical styles and the role of music in societies throughout the world. (F)

MUHL 4801 - American Folk/Popular Music (3)
Folk and popular elements in American music; role of mass media in folk and popular music; historical development and interrelationships of various musical styles ranging from 19th century minstrelsy through rock and roll and hip-hop; emphasis on southern Anglo-American and Afro-American folk and popular musical styles. (F)

MUHL 4803 - Indiv Study in Music History (1-3)
Directed individual study in selected areas of music history chosen in consultation with instructor. May be repeated for credit with permission of director. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit.

MUHL 4804 - Blues (3)
Stylistic development of blues music from its beginnings; its relationships to African-American and American culture and history. (SP)

MUHL 4805 - History of Rock and Roll (3)
Stylistic origins and development of rock and roll music from its beginnings to the present.

MUHL 4806 - History of Jazz (3)
Stylistic origins and development of jazz; interaction of jazz and Western classical music styles.

MUHL 4807 - Memphis Music (3)
Distinctive forms of folk and popular music in Memphis since the beginning of the 20th century; relationships to history, culture, and social patterns of the city and mid-south region; folk music background; blues, jazz, country music, gospel music, soul music, and rock and roll emphasized. (Sp)

MUHL 4999 - Music History Senior Project (3)
Preparation for an article length paper on original topic in music history or ethnomusicology under supervision of advisor. PREREQUISITE: minimum of 9 hours in advanced music history course and permission of instructor.