Educational Psychology and Research

Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research
Douglas Strohmer, Ph.D., Chair
Room 100, E.C. Ball Hall

EDPR 2111 - Development Across Lifespan (3)
Principles and processes of human development across the life span.

EDPR 3121 - Learning Process/Assessment (3)
Major theories and perspectives on classroom learning and classroom assessment practices; emphasis on cognitive processes, individual differences, strategies for instruction, motivation, critical thinking, and self regulation of learning; developing and using classroom assessment and interpreting standardized testing. PREREQUISITE: EDPR 2111, or permission of instructor.

EDPR 3302 - Child/Adolescent Development (3)
(Same as CSED 3302). Principles and processes of child and adolescent development applied to education. PREREQUISITE: EDPR 2111 or permission of instructor.

EDPR 4008 - Prob: Ed Psych/Research (1-3)
Individually directed reading, field study or research; written report required. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

EDPR 4301 - Early Child Dev/Begin Teacher (3)
Philosophy, theory, research, and pedagogy relating to the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of children from birth to eight years of age. PREREQUISITE: EDPR 2111 and Junior Status.

EDPR 4541 - Fundmntl/Applied Stat Method (3)
Use of statistical techniques in education and behavioral sciences; emphasis on practical use and interpretation of concepts. Self-instructional.