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"Most proud of my accomplishment of graduating with a degree in accounting in three years with Summa Cum Laude and Honors."

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Eugene Eckstein, Ph.D., Chair
Room 330, Engineering Technology

Undergraduate and graduate level engineering courses require an additional $25 per credit hour.

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
BIOM 4900-19. Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering. (1-3). Topics are varied and in online class listings.

BIOM 1710 - Intro Biomedical Engr (3)
General engineering problem solving, design methods, ethics with emphasis on biomedical; individual and group design projects. PREREQUISITE: MATH 1710 or 1730.

BIOM 1720 - Intro Biomed Engr Tools (3)
Use of computer tools for data analysis, presentation, documentation; introduction to programming; individual and group design projects. PREREQUISITE: MATH 1710.

BIOM 2710 - Intro Medical Measurement (4)
Theory and application of major types of sensors used in biomedical engineering and clinical medicine; principles of signal processing and instrumentation, such as frequency domain analysis, operational amplifiers, and filtration. Three lecture hours and three laboratory hours per week. PREREQUISITE: BIOM 1720, EECE 2201 or EECE 2283/2281, PHYS 2120/2121.

BIOM 2720 - Experimental Design Analysis (3)
Application of probability, statistics, error analysis, uncertainty in design and performance of biomedical engineering experimentation; discussion and evaluation of common experimental designs for medical device development. PREREQUISITE: BIOM 1720 and MATH 1910 or MATH 1421.

BIOM 2810 - Intro Biomechncs/Mech of Mtrls (4)
Statics and strength of materials with application to biomedical engineering; brief introduction to rigid body kinematics and kinetics with application to gait analysis. Four lecture hours per week. PREREQUISITE: BIOM 1720, 2810, MATH 1920 or MATH 2421, PHYS 2110/2111.

BIOM 3110 - Med Physiology/BIOM (3)
Basic principles of human physiology and how these are applied in medicine and biomedical engineering problem and devices; physiological principles using appropriate mathematical and engineering models to construct an understanding of how the body works as an integrated system. Students may not use both BIOL 3730 and BIOM 3110 for credit toward degree. PREREQUISITE: CHEM 1120, BIOL 1120, PHYS 2120, or permission of instructor.

BIOM 3710 - Physiological System/Modeling (3)
Fundamentals of control theory and mathematical modeling and analysis as applied to physiological systems. PREREQUISITE: BIOL 3730 or BIOM 3110, BIOM 2710, MATH 2120 or MATH 3402.

BIOM 4110 - Science of Medicine (3)
(Same as BIOL 4110). Integration of fundamental principles from physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics, and applications of these principles to solve problems in medicine. PREREQUISITE: CHEM 1120, BIOL 1120, PHYS 2120, or permission of instructor.

BIOM 4150 - Engr Tools Design Med Devices (3)
Major tools that engineers use to assist them in producing good medical device products, and how and where these tools are being used in industry. PREREQUISITE: BIOM 2810 or CIVIL 2131, BIOL 1120, MECH 2320, or permission of instructor.

BIOM 4205 - Intro Biomed and Chem Sensors (3)
Measurement techniques and recognition processes; application of chemical sensors and biosensors to analysis of real samples. Three lecture hours and three laboratory hours per week. PREREQUISITE: BIOM 3010, CHEM 1120 and junior standing.

BIOM 4210 - Research Studies (1-3)
Consultation, reading, laboratory and design work to investigate selected areas of biomedical engineering under supervision of faculty member; emphasis on laboratory work, design, and scientific writing. Formal paper required. PREREQUISITE: BIOM 2720, BIOM 3010, and permission of instructor.

BIOM 4393 - Appld Finite Element Analysis (3)
(Same as MECH 4393). Fundamental topics associated with use of finite element analysis in mechanical and biomedical engineering applications; introduction to finite element theory, model generation, CAD interfacing, post-processing of results and validation. PREREQUISITE: BIOM 2810 or CIVL 3322, or MECH 3322.

BIOM 4702 - Biotechn Tools for BME Res (3)
Biochemical and biophysical measurement techniques; light spectroscopy, gel exclusion and affinity chromatography, electrophoresis, ELISA, protein and DNA methods. Six hours laboratory. PREREQUISITE: BIOL 1120 and 2011 or 2021, CHEM 1120/1121, BIOM 2720, 2810, or permission of instructor.

BIOM 4720 - Bioelectricity (4)
(3720). Bioelectricity, including calculations of potential fields resulting from cardiac or neural electrogeneration; treatment of how heart and nerves generate and propagate electrical signals. Three lecture hours, three laboratory hours per week. PREREQUISITE: MATH 2120 or MATH 3402, BIOL 1120, CHEM 1120, BIOM 2710, or permission of instructor.

BIOM 4730 - Biomaterials (4)
(Same as MECH 4365). (3730). Synthetic materials and their interaction with the physiological environment; methods to design and study materials that are compatible with natural tissue. PREREQUISITE: BIOL 1120, MECH 3320, or permission of instructor.

BIOM 4750 - Biomechanics (4)
(3750). Application of mechanical principles to the human body, with focus on joint function, muscle force transmission and generation, gait, soft-tissue mechanics, injury mechanisms and risk, and experimental measurements. PREREQUISITE: BIOM 2810 or CIVL 2131, MECH 3320, or permission of instructor.

BIOM 4760 - Biomed Engr Design Principles (3)
Practical design methods emphasizing the front-end or concept development stage of engineering design; design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints with functioning on multi-disciplinary teams. PREREQUISITE: BIOL 3730, BIOM 2720, BIOM 2810, and BIOM 3710.

BIOM 4780 - Senior Project (3)
Student initiated projects with significant design, analytical and integrative components. Group efforts are encouraged to allow a larger range of projects. Individual contribution to the final result is the basis for the grade. PREREQUISITE: ENGL 3603, and senior standing in BME department. PREREQUISITE: BIOM 4760.

BIOM 4800 - BME Honors Seminar (1)
Weekly presentations of biomedical engineering research by visiting faculty and invited speakers; discussion of current biomedical research and topics in journals or other scientific media and professional/ethical duties and responsibilities. Course does not satisfy degree requirements, but is required to graduate with honors in Biomedical Engineering. PREREQUISITE: junior standing and approval of the Honors Committee in Biomedical Engineering.

BIOM 4999 - BME Honors Thesis (3)
Under the direction of a faculty member, the student writes and defends a thesis based upon background reading and experimental research on a topic in biomedical engineering. PREREQUISITE: senior standing and approval of the Honors Committee of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. NOTE: only BIOM 4999 or BIOM 4210 can be applied toward degree, not both.