Miscellaneous Fees

Music Industry Fees: Students who wish to apply for credit for experiential learning in Music Industry may obtain guidelines for this procedure from the Dean of the College of Communication and Fine Arts. A non-refundable $25 contract advising fee will be charged for the assessment of the portfolio. See “Experiential Learning Credit Fees” for related fee information.

Credit By Examination or Placement Examination: The fee for taking an examination for credit or a placement examination is $60 minimum and an additional $15 for each hour in excess of three (3) per course. These fees are non-refundable and must be paid prior to the examination.

Experiential Learning Credit Fees: Students who apply for credit for experiential learning will pay a fee of $75 per credit hour for which credit is awarded. See http://www.memphis.edu/innovation/elc/experiential_learning.php for more information. 


Music Locker Rental: Music students are required to have a locker for storage of University-owned musical instruments or equipment. Personal instruments may also be stored in the locker. A fee of $5 per semester is assessed for the locker rental. Students will be expected to pay for any damages.

Transcripts: There is no fee for your first twenty transcripts. Transcripts are issued only at the request of the student in person or by letter. No transcript will be issued for a student who has any unfulfilled obligations to the University.

Various Course Fees: Certain other course offerings may require various fees to obtain the necessary course related supplies.

Wall Lockers: University rental lockers are located in the following buildings: Engineering (first floor), and Jones Hall (basement and third floors). There is a $5 per semester fee for the rental of wall lockers. Wall locker fees are paid at the Bursar’s Office (115 Wilder Tower).

The listing of any fee or incidental charge in this publication does not constitute a contract between the University and the student. As a condition of registration, each student will pay the fees in effect for the semester for which he or she registers. All questions in regard to fees, fee payment, refunds, and appeals should be directed to the Bursar’s Office (115 Wilder Tower).

Fees are subject to change without notice. The University will usually collect the amount of fees due at the time of enrollment fees satisfaction in accordance with the residency classification and fee rates in effect. After all enrollments are complete, any over-collections will be refunded and students will be billed for any under-collections.

Fees for AUDITING courses are assessed on the same basis as fees for credit courses. Courses offered between terms, for concentrated periods during a term, or at specific locations may be subject to fees on a per-hour basis only.