Freshman Admission Requirements

First-time Freshman Applicants

A high school graduate who has no previous college enrollment may be considered for admission as a first-time freshman by completing the application for admission and submitting the following to the Admissions Office:

1. A final transcript of all high school credits: Early decisions can be made by submitting partial transcripts (6th or 7th semester). Transcripts hand delivered by the student are not acceptable for the admissions file. If any courses have been taken for college credit, the institution(s) granting credit must be contacted by the applicant and asked to send an official transcript to the University of Memphis, Office of Admissions. Students who do not present one unit of American History are required to register for the course during their first or second year at the University.

2. The score report of the American College Testing program (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): The score report is a necessary part of the application and the test date should be no more than three years old at the time of enrollment.

3. A non-refundable application fee of $25.00.

4. Any additional items and information requested in the application materials by the Office of Admissions.

High School Curriculum Required For Admission

No high school curriculum can assure that a given student will acquire desired learning outcomes; however, the absence of certain components greatly increases the likelihood that the student will not acquire those outcomes and reduces the likelihood that the student will enjoy maximum benefits of a college experience. The justification for colleges' recommending or requiring specific high school units for admission is to reduce the likelihood that a student will be unprepared for effective work in college and to increase maximum benefits a student may enjoy.

The following specific high school units must be included in the minimum admissions requirements at all Tennessee State Board of Regents universities and colleges.

Students who do not take one or more of these required courses, where they are available, may not be eligible for admission to the University.

  • English (4 units required): Units in this category must address reading and literature, writing, speaking and listening, and principles concerning the English language. Extensive experience in reading and writing should characterize all courses.
  • Visual And/Or Performing Arts (l unit required): Units in this category should include a survey of the arts (visual arts, theater, music, and dance) or active participation in one or more of the arts.
  • Mathematics (3 units required): Units in this category must include Algebra I, Algebra II, and geometry or an advanced course with geometry as a major component. Students are recommended to take a fourth unit in computing, advanced mathematics, or statistics. All college freshmen will benefit by having studied mathematics as seniors.
  • Natural And Physical Sciences (2 units required): Units in this category must include mathematical skills, fundamental concepts, and some laboratory and field work. At least one unit must address detailed knowledge in the more traditional fields of biology, chemistry, or physics and must include a laboratory.
  • Social Studies (1 unit required): For students graduating prior to spring 1993, the unit in this category may include: history, government, geography, economics, sociology, psychology, or anthropology. For students graduating in the spring 1993 or thereafter, this unit must come from the following: modern history, ancient history, world history, world geography, or European history.
  • US History (1 unit): This is in addition to the Social Studies requirement.
  • Foreign Language (2 units required): Two units in a single foreign language are required in this category.

These stipulated high school units are not intended to specify what the total high school curriculum should be. Secondary schools seek to meet the needs of various student clienteles, one of which is the college-bound student. The stipulations are an attempt to make a strategic application of academic competencies. They reflect the bridge from specific desired learning outcomes to a list of required college admission criteria. That list is composed of high school units presumed most likely to result in the required learning outcomes. For the sake of clarity, one unit constitutes one year of high school study of a given subject.

Applicants who wish to provide additional information regarding special talents or circumstances may do so by contacting the Office of Admissions.

Applicants who are admitted to the University with a foreign language deficiency will need to check with the Center for Academic Retention and Enrichment Services to find out what is necessary to remove the deficiency as soon as possible.

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