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Faculty Roles


1.     Faculty

There may be multiple "Faculty" assigned to the same course, with equal privileges and distinct identities.

  1. Has ultimate control over all teaching tools and features in their D2L courses.
  1. Cannot modify things beyond their own course offerings.
  2. Cannot delete a course.
  3. Cannot change classlist enrollments.
  4. Cannot modify course information (title, code, start/end dates).

2.     Teaching Assistant Designer

Assist faculty in any way faculty assigns for course management.

  1. Has all privileges of Faculty.
  1. Has all limitations of Faculty.

3.     Teaching Assistant Grader

Assist faculty in updating gradebook

  1. View and edit gradebook.
  2. Add can view all course materials, dropbox submissions, discussions, quiz submissions.
  1. All other privileges denied.

4.     Faculty Guest

Visit class as subject matter expert.

  1. Interact with class in all learning materials and communication tools.
  2. Should be given an official UofM UUID account along with an account in eCourseware.
  1. May not add/delete content or class members.
  2. May not view gradebook.

5.     Reviewer of Course

Allow guest access for course peer or supervisor review.

  1. Can view content and communications item available to students.
  2. Does not have to have a UofM UUID; can be off-campus guest.
  1. Cannot add/edit any part of the course content or communications.
  2. Cannot submit items for grading.
  3. Cannot participate in or manage course communications.
  4. Cannot view gradebook.
  5. Cannot be seen in classlist.

Student Roles



1.     Student

Normal student role for access to all learning tools, materials, and communications of class.

  1. Automatically enrolled in the class based on Registrar-Banner data.
  2. Can access all student features/tools of course as released by faculty.
  1. Cannot add/edit/delete any course tools or members.
  2. May not enter course outside of official semester calendar dates.


2.     Student Inactive

Same privileges as Student except sees Inactive Course(s). Typical use of this role is for students needing to fulfill an incomplete requirement(s) for a course.

  1. Can access all student features/tools of course as released by Faculty.
  2. They can upload their course material into the Dropbox.
  1. Cannot add/delete any course tools or members.


3.     Student Tutor

Provide tutoring services to enrolled students in particular course.

1.     View (but not manage or participate in) Content, Competencies, Discussions, Grades.

  1. May not manage or participate in Content, Competencies, Discussions, Grades.
  2. May not view Dropbox, Quizzes, Classlist.
  3. Does not appear in Classlist.

4.     Sample Student

Access all learning tools and materials of class for testing as a sample student.

  1. Based on Student role.
  2. Allows faculty to view the course (including quizzes and grades) from a student perspective without the limitations of the Role Switch widget.
  3. Password should be changed each semester.
  1. Cannot manage course or add/delete any course tools or members.

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