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Podcast Central ("Read-Only" December 23,2014)

As we continue to grow and enhance our services, we are limiting the scope of Podcast CentralEffective, December 23, 2014, access to Podcast Central will be“Read-Only”.

Depending on the size and purpose of your presentations, media content will be uploaded exclusively using one of our umMedia Services (currently Ensemble and Mediasite).  

A survey has been added to the umMedia page which will help determine which program will best meet your needs. 

For questions or more information, you may contact the Service Desk at 678-8888 or visit the umMedia website.



What is Podcast Central?

Podcast Central is a repository for audio and other media files. These files can be uploaded to Podcast Central and your students can access the content information by using an RSS aggregator, a web browser or iTunes.

Why use Podcast Central?

Podcasting is not only for recording faculty lectures, but podcasting is a great way to  incorporate:

  • guest speakers
  • subject matter experts
  • literary excerpts
  • historical accounts
  • immersion in foreign language
  • and many more ideas

Getting Started Tutorials

Simple Process for Recording Video to Deliver via Podcast Central

Here’s a summary of the steps for video recording a presentation at a basic level of quality and simplicity. You can certainly spend more money and time for better professional recordings if desired. But this is the quick and cheap route at an acceptable level of quality.

  1. Buy a video camera and tripod.
    1. The Flip video camera should do:
      2. I would recommend the Flip Mino standard one, not the HD ones.
      3. The Mino retails for $150 and is available at local consumer store.
      4. You can record for up to one hour on it’s built in memory.
    2. Buy a tripod at a local consumer electronics store. It will greatly increase the professional look of your recordings. The Flip Mino will connect to it.
  2. Record the seminar.
    1. Place the camera near the speaker within say five feet for good mic pickup (the mic is built into the Flip).
    2. Don't expect to clearly record all the questions from participants over 10 feet away.
  3. Transfer recording to your computer.
    1. Connect the Flip camera to a computer by its USB port.
    2. Transfer the video to your computer using the Flip software that will automatically be installed after connection.
    3. Edit if needed the beginning and ending of the video and add titles.
  4. Publish your videos to Podcast Central.
    1. Login to with your normal UofM ID/password.
    2. Create a new Series that is public.
    3. Upload the video as a new Episode.
    4. Inform your students and other interested parties about the series. They should point their browsers to Podcast Central and look for the Series title.

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Additional Assistance

For additional assistance, contact the umTech Service Desk at (901) 678-8888 or visit room 100 of the Administration Building.

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