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How do I request assistance for an RODP course (student)?

Service Description: 

"RODP" stands for "Regents Online Degree Programs." RODP classes are courses offered by all of the TBR institutions state-wide. These classes are delivered and administered completely online.

Who Can Request? 

Students Enrolled in an RODP Course.

How to Request Service?

Students should first attempt to resolve course issues by communicating with the instructor. If you are not able to reach a resolution, you can contact the University College for assistance. They prefer that you send an email to them ( 

What Information Do I Need to Fulfill Service Request?  

Please send an email to the Distance Education Advisor ( that includes your full name, U-Number, the course ID (ex. BIOL 1010-R50) the instructors name, and details of the problem you are having. Include information about your attempts to resolve the situation yourself. The University College Distance Education Advisor may be reached at (901) 678-5784 and is located in 218 Brister Hall.